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What to Wear on Moving Day

As trendy as your new Louboutins are, they may not be the most practical choice for one of the longest days of the year – moving day. Our chic movers at All My Sons The Woodlands moving company have compiled a great guide for what to wear on moving day, which applies if you are moving to college, a new office, your new The Woodlands home, or any other situation where heavy boxes and furniture will be moved.

Clothes for Moving Day

The key fashion choices for moving day are to make yourself feel comfortable, protected, and mobile. You will want to set aside articles of clothing you do not want to run the risk of getting dirty or ripped. Instead, opt for items such as your most gorgeous lazy tee that already has pit stains and breakfast on it. Don’t worry, if any of our The Woodlands local movers notice the holes, they won’t say anything.

Here are some general guidelines for clothes to wear on moving day:

Try and pick breathable fabrics (ex. cotton, rayon), especially if you’re moving in the summertime – we know how hot it gets here in The Woodlands, Texas.

You will want as much flexibility as possible. Remember that you will be performing some movements you normally wouldn’t be, such as walking backwards. You will be bending your knees a lot, so make sure your pants aren’t too restricting. Be mindful of the fact that you will be bending over if you are thinking about wearing shorts or a skirt.

Your clothes for moving day should not hang too loosely on your body, as you run the risk of getting caught on stray nails, wood, or hooks.

Don’t forget the wonderous utility of pockets, especially the kind that zip! Bonus points for an outfit with at least four.

Shoes for Moving Day

Shoes are the most important consideration when figuring out what to wear on moving day. You need to be prepared for any situation, so make sure your shoes for moving day are up to being thrown some curveballs.

Some things to keep in mind for choosing shoes to wear on moving day are:

No open-toed shoes! This is the number one rule. If something drops on your feet, you want to be as protected as possible, and those Birkenstock sandals just won’t do, honey. Nobody wants to deal with going to the hospital for a broken toe, especially on moving day.

Moving day is long, regardless of if you’re moving a few streets down solo or using The Woodlands long-distance movers to haul cross-country. You’re going to want to choose your most comfortable pair of shoes for moving day. Sneakers or work boots are both good options.

One of the biggest moving day hazards is the possibility of slipping. When deciding what to wear on moving day, we recommend that you choose shoes with good traction, are anti-slip, and have treads that aren’t worn down.

Other Considerations for What to Wear on Moving Day

Here are a few other things you will want to think about when developing your moving day look:

Hair can get in the way. Put it up with a hair tie or back with a headband.

Wear sunscreen, as you will likely be spending a decent amount of time moving things in from outside.

If you have sensitive hands, purchase work gloves for hand protection.

We highly advise against wearing jewelry, which can get caught, lost, or broken during moving day.


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