Pros and Cons of a Summer Move

Moving During Peak Moving Season – What to Expect

Summer is when the weather is nice. Summer is when the kids are back from school. Summer is when you finally have some days off for yourself and your family. It seems like a perfect time to schedule your big move to The Woodlands. Before you start marking the date on your calendar, consider some of the unique challenges that comes with a summer move because summer is also peak moving season.

The period from May 15 to the end of August is considered peak moving season with the months of June and July being particularly busy. The Woodlands movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are in high demand during peak season and would love to help you move should you decide on a summer move. However, before you set your moving date, consider the pros and cons of a summer move.


Pro – Your Schedule is Free

Summer break is typically the only time during the year when you have extended time off. Your children are back home, and you can finally take your vacation days off. That gives you plenty of time to organize and execute your move to The Woodlands without being distracted by work or school.


Con – Movers are Busy

Since summer is the peak season for the moving industry, movers all over the country, including our movers in The Woodlands, will be helping with plenty of moves every week. Unfortunately, that also means that on some dates, moving companies will be fully booked. If you are planning for a summer move, you’ll have to call far in advance to secure your moving date. This is especially important if you are moving in June or July.


Con – Higher Rates

Another disadvantage of scheduling your move during peak moving season is that the higher demand of The Woodlands movers results in higher moving rates. Packing and moving services will likely cost you more during the summer months. And due to the high demand, movers are less likely to offer deals or discounts. Request quotes from your moving company and make sure your budget can accommodate the higher prices of a summer move before setting your moving date.


Pro – Good Weather

The moderate and hot weather associated with the summer season is the ideal weather for moving. Moving your furniture and other belongings outside your home is safer when there is no snowfall or rain. Mold can grow if moisture gets into your stuff. Rainy days also means mud and the muddy feet of you’re The Woodlands movers is the last thing you want inside your house during moving day.


Pro – Houses Sell Faster

The real estate market is strong during the summer, which is a good thing if you are planning to move into your new home once you sell you old one. Many families plan their move around the sale of their old place. For those families, a summer move is their best bet.


If you are planning to move to The Woodlands this summer, don’t hesitate to contact our full-service movers to get a free quote!