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Preparing for a Move on a Rainy Day

Have you been planning a move for months and suddenly the very day you’re ready to go it starts to torrential downpour? Just like another day, the show must go on! Luckily, you’ve got help from All My Sons Moving & Storage, your premier movers in The Woodlands, to share some ideas and tips on how to go about moving on a rainy day. Don’t let bad weather rain on your parade!

Packing for a Move in Bad Weather

The Woodlands full-service movers at All My Sons allow for you to buy or rent mattress pads, plastic covers, and other items to help you when moving in the rain. However, if you simply didn’t expect rain or are in a pickle, various household items can help protect your belongings from the raindrops.

- Use plastic wrap to stop rain from touching your artwork; don’t let the moisture ruin them.
- Wrap your clothes in garbage bags; mold can grow on them if they become wet and you don’t notice.
- Wrap everything that can get damaged if it gets wet in blankets and sheets; you can always throw these items in the washer once you’ve arrived, but can’t replace valuable items at no cost after they’ve been damaged.
- Although cardboard boxes that are taped up are usually durable, try moving with plastic boxes when moving on a rainy day instead.

Protecting the Inside of Your Home

Walking in and out of your old and new home, you’re bound to track dirt, leaves, water, etc. when moving on a rainy day. Protect the inside of the home your leaving, as well as the home you’re moving into, with tarps. You can protect against mud and water being tracked into the house, and tarp can hold up from excess foot traffic.
Understand that many surfaces become slick when they’re wet with rain. Smoother surfaces like polished wood floors and tiles pose a great risk for falling. You can cover these surfaces with cardboard or old sheets to stop from slipping.

Wear the Proper Clothing

Rain jackets and rainboots are designed to be worn in wet circumstances. Take advantage of the pair of rainboots you have, yet rarely wear. These items will not only keep you dry, but will help avoid any accidents that may happen. Gloves can also come in handy so you can get a good grip on any items that have become wet throughout the moving process.

Devise a Plan

The Woodlands full-service movers suggest you consider having two different moving crews, such as the ones who stay outside and the ones who remain inside. This can not only speed up the moving process, but better protect your house and floors. A couple people can stay inside and hand boxes to other outside who will load them into the moving truck.