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How to Tip Your Movers

There are so many tasks that need to be completed during a move that you may enlist help by hiring a professional moving company. A move of any size can be too much to handle for one person, and expert movers will be able to execute a successful move for you and your family. If you go this route and hire the professionals, you probably want to know how much you should tip your movers in the end. The Woodlands movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this guide to explain to you how much you should tip your movers when you are moving to this area. You want to make sure that you are giving the appropriate amount for the service being performed.

Tip Accordingly

It’s not required to tip your movers when moving to The Woodlands, so if you feel that you aren’t receiving good service or a job well done, don’t feel compelled to tip out of obligation. Many people just feel pressured to tip, however if the movers did not perform a good job or if something went very wrong, a tip is not needed. You should only tip movers if you had a good experience and if they performed to expectations. If your movers go out of their way to accommodate you in any way, you should tip accordingly.

It’s important to note that you should be tipping the individuals who are doing the actual move. The people doing the physical lifting are the ones to receive the tip. If you weren’t happy with the service you received from the moving consultants, but the movers were extremely helpful, tip your movers and tip them directly. It’s important to understand this distinction because the movers and the front office are different even though they all fall under one moving company. The heavy labor performed during a move is no easy task and a tip can go a long way for these movers.

The overall rule of thumb for tipping professional movers is to tip 5-10% of the total cost of the move. That 5-10% is then split between the movers so that everyone gets a fair amount. Of course, you can gage this amount and decide for yourself which amount you feel is appropriate. The amount you tip should be dependent on how long the movers take and how difficult the move was. You should take into consideration if the movers had to go up flights of stairs or if they had to deal with heavy pieces of furniture that took extra time to move. These factors should all influence how much money you decide to tip to the movers. If the service you received was amazing and went beyond what you expected, you can tip about 10%. Tipping your movers is definitely up to you and everyone will have a different experience.

The Woodlands movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage don’t want you to feel compelled to tip your movers if they did not perform an efficient move. For more information on the moving and packing services we offer, contact us today!