How to Move a Piano: What You’ll Need

A piano is a valuable piece of furniture in any home that has one. Whether it’s a sentimental piece, a favorite instrument, or just attractive décor – if you have an upright or grand piano in your current home, you’ll likely want to relocate it to your new home once you move. However, moving a piano is not an easy task.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure to have a few people to help you and have the following things on hand. These packing supplies and moving equipment are what our The Woodlands residential movers use and they ensure a smooth piano relocation.


Work Gloves

Pianos are heavy pieces that don’t have convenient handles to hold onto when moving them. That’s why having a strong grip is important. Avoid any slipping by wearing work gloves with palms coated in rubber latex. Make sure to get the size that fits snuggly on your hand, wearing gloves that are too big will move around and therefore defeat the purpose.


Moving Blankets

Investing in a few quilt-padded moving blankets is beneficial for any move, but they are very useful for piano moving in particular. Protect your delicate wood pianos by wrapping them in a layer of moving blankets and then securing that padded layer with stretch wrap. Moving blankets can also be laid on top of a staircase to make moving your piano up and down stairs safer.


Moving Straps

Another multipurpose tool that proves to be invaluable when moving a piano. Since upright pianos are lighter and less bulky, you and another person can put lifting straps on to make carrying an upright piano easier and less stressful on your body. For both upright and grand pianos, tying webbing straps over the blanket around the body of the piano and stretch wrap layers provides more security and places to grip. Once your piano is inside the moving truck, place it all the way on the back wall


Piano Moving Dolly

While a smaller upright piano can be carried by two people using moving straps, it’s safe to utilize a piano moving dolly for larger upright pianos and grand pianos. A piano moving dolly is a four-wheel dolly at least half the length of the piano you’re moving. An upright piano will sit right side up on the dolly, while a grand piano will sit on its flat side. Make sure to remove the grand piano’s lid, legs, and lyre before placing it on the dolly.


Stair Ramp

If you are moving your piano down stairs, you should invest in some ramps to make navigating it less time-consuming. You can rent a metal stair ramp from a local moving company near you like All My Sons Moving & Storage The Woodlands. Or you can purchase a few slabs of thick plywood to serve as a ramp. Just make sure to have three or more people helping you. One or two movers on each side of the piano, and another person on the side serving as a spotter and helping with navigation.


The best way to move a piano is to hire professional The Woodlands movers experienced with piano moving, like our The Woodlands local movers and long-distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Learn more about our affordable moving and packing services by calling (281) 292-6323 and get your free quote today!