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How Keep Your Home Secure During a Move

Moving is a busy time. From cleaning and organizing your old home and getting your belongings ready to be packed and moved, it can be easy to forget about things like keys and other security precautions. Our Woodlands movers want you to be prepared and learn how to make the safest move possible for your home and your belongings.

Lock Your Doors

During the moving process make sure that most of the doors that lead in and out of your home are locked. As long as the main doors where movers are unloading and lifting are open, you will be set. Leaving additional doors unlocked leaves you vulnerable to intruders. It’s an easy tip, but just make sure you can see who is entering and exiting your home on moving day.

Label and Pack Discreetly

When you are packing up your belongings it’s important to label what items are in what boxes. But there are ways to do so that don’t advertise to everyone what precious items are in which boxes. You should create a paper inventory list that you keep on your person to show you what items you put in which boxes. Then go ahead and label each box by room, not by item. Instead of writing “crystal china” on a box, write “dining room box 1” and on your inventory list, make sure you note that box 1 has the crystal china. Also, make sure your boxes are generic. Don’t put things in a box branded with expensive items, even if what’s in the box is old clothes.

Keep Your Valuables on You

It’s always best practice to keep your important valuables (documents, jewelry, etc) on you. This way they won’t get lost and you will know where they are at all times. You won’t have to worry about movers misplacing them either. Pack a small bag that contains everything and put it in your car on moving day so that they travel with you to your new home.

Get Moving Insurance

It’s always a good idea to get moving insurance for your upcoming move. All moving companies are required to offer basic liability protection as well as a full coverage liability, but you may want to consider looking at third party options if you are moving extremely valuable items. This protects you fully should anything get lost, stolen or damaged.

Don’t Overshare on Social Media

While it may be tempting to share your excitement or dread for moving day on social media, you don’t know who is watching. Sharing the details on when and where you are moving leaves your old home and your new home vulnerable. Do yourself a favor and post after you are all settled in your new home and security system installed.

Don’t Forget About Your Old Property

If you couldn’t sell your old property before moving into your new home, make sure you keep up with the yard maintenance and pick up mail and newspapers. A house that looks vacant is an easy target for burglars. Until you get your old property sold, make sure you keep up with it and make it look lived in.

While there is no full-proof way of protecting your home and belongings, these tips should put you on your way to a safe and secure move. If you need help with your upcoming move, give All My Sons Moving & Storage a call. Our Woodlands movers strive to execute your move efficiently and affordably.