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Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Just like you need insurance in other areas of your life for emergency situations, moving insurance is pretty important to have during a move to a new home. Accidents can happen during the process and unfortunately, your most prized possessions can become damaged. Unforeseen situations can occur to even the most careful people, and it’s important that you have moving insurance to cover those liabilities. There is simply no way around it, and you will need moving insurance for your next move. The Woodlands movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage explain why insurance coverage is so important, and our expert movers want to make sure you are fully prepared.

Released Value Protection

There is basic coverage insurance that all moving companies provide called released value protection. All your belongings will be insured at 60 cents per pound. In the case that these items become damaged during the moving process, you will be reimbursed depending on the weight. This kind of coverage can be risky, because you will most likely own extremely valuable items that are worth a lot more than 60 cents per pound.

Full-Value Protection

In this coverage plan, your items are protected based on the valuation. The cost is based on 1% of the valuation of your items. If your belongings are worth $10,000, you could pay $100 for full-value protection.

Third Party Coverage

You also have the choice of using a third-party coverage option after your Woodlands moving company uses the basic coverage. This additional third-party insurance coverage can pick up the remainder (up to the amount you purchase).

It’s important to know what’s not covered under your moving insurance plan before you make the move. Your Woodlands movers are not responsible or liable for items in boxes that they did not pack themselves. Unfortunately, you are also not covered under situations that are considered to be natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, fires, hail, etc. Additionally, if items are damaged while they’re in storage, that’s not controlled by the moving and storage company themselves, you will not be covered under the moving company’s insurance policy.

No matter which insurance plan you decide to go with, it’s very important that you are in some way covered for any damages that can occur. Reimbursements will certainly help with broken items that are very sentimental to you and even the professionals can encounter accidents. Items can be damaged, destroyed or lost during transportation and you must be proactive and plan ahead.

The Woodlands movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage can successfully move you and your family into a new home with no hassle or stress. For more information on the moving and packing services we offer, contact a moving consultant today. Ask about our moving insurance policies so that you can be sure to stay protected during the entire process. We can handle your entire move from start to finish!