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Who to Notify About a Change of Address

As you’re preparing to move and scheduling a moving date with our Denton movers, there’s no doubt you have things under control and everything’s going according to plan. But, as most people get ready to leave, they forget about an important aspect of moving, changing the address on file at various institutions and subscriptions. If you don’t update your address with the following people and companies, you risk losing important bills, documents, and mail. Get to know the facts and learn who to notify about a change of address.


Update Your Address: Step 1

Before you can even notify people about a change of address, you need to know where you can do this. The local post office is a great place to get the ball rolling in this process. Set up mail forwarding so that your mail can be sent to the new house. This way, you avoid late payments and missed opportunities.


Talk to Your Employer

Now that you know where you can first update your address after a move, you can move on to specific people and places to notify about a change of address after a move. Of course, you want to give your old job ample time to find someone else to replace you, but it is also beneficial to let them know ahead of time so they know where to send your last paystubs as well as your tax forms. Your employer might even give you important paperwork you may need to fill out regarding your departure. At your new job, you need to provide your address for similar reasons.


Notify Your Utility Companies

Don’t forget to switch over utility companies when moving. You may need to find a new cable and internet provider, water and sewer management, as well as an electric company. Plus, your old utility company still needs to bill you for your last month at the old house. If you don’t switch your address, the company will also continue to render services and charge you for the time you weren’t using those utilities. Without filling out the proper paperwork regarding your updated address, bills may get lost and this can negatively affect your credit and you’ll likely have to pay a late fee. As a reminder, our local Denton movers recommend you notify utility companies about a change of address approximately two weeks before you are set to move.


Friends and Family

While this may seem like a no-brainer, don’t forget to notify friends and family about your new address. Always stay in contact with those who are close to you just in case the move gets delayed or canceled.


Contact Us

Once you have figured out who to notify about a change of address and you’ve started the process, call our moving consultants at All My Sons Moving & Storage to help you relocate safely.