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Underrated Cities in Texas

There are some many wonderful reasons to move to Texas. It’s super cool. They have lots of stuff. And most of that stuff is tethered to a little bit of history. And real estate is dirt cheap – maybe cheaper than dirt. And not too shabby-looking, if I’m not too bold. While Texas plays host to some of the nation’s shining stars, there are some criminally underrated cities in Texas, as well.

It can be daunting, trying to choose a suitable house to drop your suitcase in front of, smiling with your hands on your hips. Finding your Goldilocks city has to be the first task. You don’t want anything too small, but nothing too big you’ll feel lost in. With the help of our Denton local movers, we put together a guide of some of the diamonds in the Lone Star rough.


This is one of the underrated cities in Texas that has seen an influx in vacation interest over the past few years. While this may cause people to steer clear of Galveston, it still boasts some serious family fun. You can visit places like the Historic Strand, the Bishop's Palace or Moody Mansion, or play get in a round of putt-putt at Magic Carpet Golf. Galveston is a little stretch of island off the west coast of Texas and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Dripping Springs

In the last decade, Dripping Springs has grown three-fold in population. Fortunately, that’s only an increase of 3,500 people. Dripping Springs has everything you can possibly want in a hometown. There are many historical parks, such as Charro Ranch and Veterans Memorial within the city limits. Its lush landscape homes many wineries and distilleries, making for spectacular sunset views. The small-town feels will never die in Dripping Springs.


Just an hour from Austin, this is a small town with a big reputation. With only 2,100 residents following the recent count, you’d never expect something so widespread to come out of it. If you’ve ever been in a Texas supermarket, you’ve seen Shiner Beer on the shelves. The birthplace of Shiner Beer is, of course, Shiner. This town provides plenty more than a brewery. Our Denton residential movers love the German-influenced architecture, including the Saint Cyril and Methodius German Church. Come live in a Shiner and be a part of one of the most underrated cities in Texas.


Okay, we may be biased, but we’re not sure our Denton gets enough credit. Denton is the largest city on this list, but that is mainly due to the presence of the University of North Texas. There’re so many sights to see in our wonderful little town, and some of Texas’ biggest lakes sit right alongside the city limits. Our team of dedicated moving professionals know how to find a home in Denton, and we firmly believe that wherever you end up in Texas, you’re going to love it.

Now that you’ve found the most underrated cities in Texas, let our Denton movers get you ready for the big move ahead. You’ll have a lot of stressors on your way into town; let our expert moving team take one thing off your mind. We have a proven history of providing seamless, stress-free packaging and delivery of all your precious belongings. Contact us today and receive a free, no-obligation quote!