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Prevent Injuries When moving

Moving is a labor-intensive job best left to the professionals. If you do, however, try to move on your own, you may be putting not only your mind in distress but it can also cause serious physical harm. Not knowing the proper techniques when you’re moving can lead to serious injury. That’s why our Denton movers have decided to share a guide to prevent injuries when moving.


Packing Smaller Boxes

While it might make sense to pack everything into one box to minimize the number of boxes you have to carry overall in order to get the job done faster, heavier boxes are more difficult to carry. Moving boxes are designed to hold a certain weight limit you should not exceed if you do not want to put a strain on your back or have the boxes breaking and shattering your items. Packing smaller and lighter might be tedious and perhaps a little more time consuming, but you prevent injuries when moving as well as damage to your household items.

If you dislike the packing process or it’s overwhelming and would like some help, our Denton packing service is available. Our expert movers safely wrap each item and even load and unload them in your house. Don’t spend extra money on moving supplies because our Denton packing supplies are part of the moving package and includes padded quilts, blankets, bubble wrap and more!


Dressing Appropriately

Appropriate clothing is another way to prevent injuries when moving. Tight pants, baggy jeans, flip flops, or heels are all a NO when moving. You should be wearing long-pants that allow sufficient range of motion without being so oversized that they snag on a corner or cause you to trip. Make sure your arms and legs are covered to avoid scratches and scrapes. A decent pair of gloves will not only help you with grip when you’re carrying furniture, it will also protect your hands as well. When it comes to shoes, wear a pair of comfortable sneakers since you’ll be on your feet all day. As an extra precaution, opt for steel toe boots in case something falls on your foot.


Don’t Overexert Yourself

Take breaks and hydrate throughout the day so you don’t wear yourself out – moving requires a lot of energy! Listen to your body during the moving process; if something hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop. You may have an injury and you’d be doing more harm to your body without even knowing it if you continue despite the pain. Trust what your body is telling you.


Ask for Help

Don’t take on more then you can handle. Ask friends and family to help you move heavy objects and haul boxes to the new house. The best way to prevent injuries when moving is by hiring a professional moving company. Professional movers know the proper techniques necessary to lift, carry, and arrange all manner of items to and from the moving truck and around a house. The moving experts of All My Sons Moving & Storage have relocated families and businesses across the country for over 20 years. Call our friendly moving coordinators to learn more about the moving services we offer so you can avoid hurting yourself during the move.