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Moving with Your Pets to Denton

Moving is stressful enough when you are trying to make sure you and your family are all set to go. When you add pets into the mix, well let’s just say things get complicated. The good news is that our expert Denton movers are sharing their tips and tricks when it comes to moving with your pets to Denton.


Introduce Your Pet to a Crate

When moving with your pets to Denton, one of the first things you need to do before you start on the relocation process is getting your pet acclimated to a crate. If your pet is not used to a crate, start slowly by putting some treats inside. Let them sleep in the crate during the nights leading up to the move. A crate is needed when moving because it keeps your pets from wandering away during the move. It will also give them a location they feel safe enough to go to when the Denton local movers are moving things in and out of the house.


Have a Vet in Mind?

As humans, we make sure to have everything switched over, including doctors. This rule should also be applied to your pet. When moving with your pets to Denton, have a local vet in mind just in case your pet gets sick or injured. A local vet will also be able to help with medical records when property management and landlords require proof that your pet is up to date on their routine shots.


Making the Move

Once everything is ready to go, make sure your pet is calm and relaxed. Animals freak out when they notice the little differences around them, causing their behavior to change. Your pet might be extremely scared or snappy. This behavior is normal and will subside once the move is complete. Just make sure you give your pet enough water and personal space for the move. Include a familiar blanket or favorite toy to reassure them.


Pet Proofing the New House

Once you have completed your move to Denton with your pets and are settled into the new home, you need to make sure it is pet-proofed. Many people forget this last step because they believe there aren’t any dangers when moving into a new house. But there can be certain plants in the backyard that might be toxic to cats and dogs or other pets you have. Familiarize yourself with the different types of toxic plants and remove them if necessary. Make sure the gate or fence is secure so your pet won’t escape and get lost.


Stress Less with a Professional Mover

Why stress more when you can have someone helping you with this relocation. Our Denton packing service is available to all customers. Our professional movers will pack and unpack for you so that you can focus on making sure your move to Denton with your pets is all set to go. To find out more information regarding our pet-friendly movers, call today to speak to one of moving consultants.