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How to Properly Pack Fragile Items

Everyone has fragile items they need to move. Too often, no matter the packing products that are used, the packing of fragile objects is rushed and something ends up broken. Our advice to you:

Prepare in Advance

Fragile objects like crystal and porcelain cannot be rushed when it comes to packing. Take your time and properly pack them right the first time to avoid any accidents on moving day.

Use the Right Packing Products

As your Denton movers, we are professional packers, but you may not be an expert in this department. So, ask us if you have questions and about the right packing products for what you need. We have everything, especially what you need for fragile items:

•High Quality boxes (Various Sizes)

•Packing Paper

•Bubble Wrap

•Pliable Cardboard



How to Pack Properly


In a quality box, line the bottom with crumpled packing paper. Wrap plates in bubble wrap and tape the wrap, so it's secure. Repeat this with each dish and stack them vertically in the box. Top off your stack with more crumpled packing paper.  Be cautious not to overpack your boxes. Overpacking can lead to the bubble wrap popping and the cushioning between the dishes to decimate.


Use packing paper to roll individual glasses in a sheet, and crumple excess into the glass. Line the bottom of your boxes with crumpled packing paper as well as between each glass. The more space you can fill with packing paper, the better and more secure your glasses will be.


Lamps and lamp shades should be packed separately. Lamp shades can be wrapped with packing paper, and the excess can act as a cushion for another that is placed on top. Use packing paper to fill in spaces within the box. Lamps need bubble wrap securely around them, and packing paper used to fill spaces within its box.

Pictures and Frames

In small boxes, pictures and frames should be wrapped in paper and placed standing up next to each other with paper to fill spaces. Larger frames that cannot be placed in boxes need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and moved individually. There is no reason one, three-foot frame should take up an entire gigantic box.

Specialty Items

Not all objects are safe, even once you place them into a box. For those specialty items that need a little extra care, take the additional steps that we recommend for preserving your items.

Examine the item at hand and determine the most fragile points of this already fragile piece. Wrap that area specifically in bubble wrap and use extra packing tape for caution. Cut some pliable cardboard and wrap it around bubble wrap, then securely tape that down as well. Do this is excess with your most fragile pieces and you won’t regret it later. The only thing you will regret is if you didn’t take this extra step, and now the handle of your favorite vase is no longer part of it.

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