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How to Prepare Your Kids for a Move: Tips and Tricks

Moving is tough on us adults, but it can be even harder for kids. Your child may not want to move or may not fully grasp the whole idea, leaving them with confusion and fear. To help prepare your kids for a move, our Denton movers have put together their best tips and tricks for your upcoming move.


Be Honest and Upfront

The best way to prepare your kids for a move is to be honest with them from the very beginning. If they are at an age where they can understand information, talk to them from the moment you are deciding to move. The Child Mind Institute says “Before you prepare to relocate, talk to your child about what the relocation will be like, and what challenges might occur during the process of relocation. You can then start to problem solve in advance.”1 You may want to ask your child to write down their thoughts and feelings, addressing any questions and concerns they may have.


Show Them the New Location

Showing your child photos of the new house and the area can help prepare your kids for a move. You can even take it one step further by visiting the new house. Show them their new bedroom, or even let them pick it out themselves, so they can start imagining how they want to decorate it and where they can play or study (if they’re a little older). Encourage them to dream of creative ways to decorate their room. You can also take them to the local fun family activities in the area, letting them know this is what they have to look forward to.


Planning a Goodbye Party

Once everything has been packed and your date is set for the move, plan a goodbye party for your kids and their friends. This goodbye party doesn’t have to be a somber affair; in fact, it can be more of a “see you later” party! Set up a photo spot with a Polaroid or Instax camera so your kids can take photos with their friends. Add a little scrapbook so friends can insert the photos and write messages to your kids so they’ll have a memento to look back on after the move. Let your kids know that they can come back to visit their friends and that their friends are also welcome to visit the new neighborhood.


Before You Move

Of course, the final step to help prepare your kids for a move is to have everything planned with the help of moving a company. Our long-distance Denton movers will organize and manage the move as well as take care of the labor-intensive work for you so that you can dedicate more time to your child. If you want to learn more about moving with kids or the moving services we offer, call one of our friendly local Denton movers today for a free, no-obligation moving quote.




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