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How to Prepare for a Power Outage

The recent Texas winter storm showed the importance of being prepared for a power outage and inclement weather conditions. Although Denton snow is uncommon, it’s not out of the question. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to help you protect yourself, your family, and your home from a future power outage. Our Denton movers put together their top tips and tricks so you can know how to prepare for power outages.


Purchase Supplies Ahead of Time

Be sure to have a generator, flashlights, batteries, portable charger, and blankets. Now that the winter storm in Texas has subsided, you should purchase supplies. These items are great to have on hand because they don’t spoil and provide you with peace of mind. If you have an electric stove, be sure to purchase a portable gas stove. This will allow you to prepare food during the power outage. Additionally, stock up on firewood if you have a gas fireplace. It’s important to learn how to prepare for power outages and gather these supplies ahead of time. Remember, they’ll probably be sold out when the time comes, and the shopping centers will be in a frenzy.


Stock Up on Food

Once the weather is forecasted and you know there’s potential for a power outage, buy food items that are easy to prepare. Both non-perishable and non-refrigerated items are the best options. If you really want to be prepared, buy a cooler with ice to store cold items. You can also use it as a backup if your power goes out. There may be items in your fridge you would like to store in the cooler. You should also purchase plenty of water; if a pipe burst, water bottles may be the only source of water in your home.


Gather Medical Supplies

Make sure to get essential items before there is a power outage or the roads get icy. You should pick up any medications or alternatives to medical devices. Knowing how to prepare for power outages is about taking care of the essentials. If you or a family member is dependent on a medical device, be sure to have a backup generator or battery-powered alternative.


Protect Your Home

When the storm occurs, be sure to know how to prepare for power outages and the tips and tricks to prepare your home. Getting through a power outage is difficult enough – the last thing you need is to have flooding or water damage. Be sure to leave your faucets dripping to prevent water freezing and burst pipes. If you do have pipe bursting, immediately turn off the water main and drain all sources of water. This includes faucets, toilets, and pool equipment. Additionally, unplug all electrical items to avoid damage from electrical surges. You should also limit opening and closing the refrigerator to keep the food colder for a longer period of time.


If you do experience home damage, our Denton local movers will help you move and store your belongings. With over 25 years of experience, we are equipped to handle your items so you can focus on taking care of your home.