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How to Avoid Injuries When Moving

Our North Texas movers are here to you move to Denton while avoiding common moving injuries. Our North Texas movers are a full-service moving company, but if you can not afford a moving company or are simply helping a friend, our professional moving company is still here to help you out. Below is some information on avoiding moving injuries and how to make your move as safe as possible.

Common Moving Injuries

Some of the most common moving injuries that happen are sprained backs, broken fingers and toes, scrapes and bruises, knee injuries, and sprained ankles. Luckily, our North Texas movers are properly trained in handling your moving objects and are sharing some of the best tips and tricks for you to prevent these common moving injuries.

Sprained Back

No one wants to throw their back out and be stuck, not being able to do anything else. A worst-case scenario for this common moving injury can even lead you to having to see a chiropractor which will cost more in the long run. To start, our North Texas movers suggest that you refrain from lifting things that are too heavy. If items are too heavy, use a dolly or other moving equipment to safely move these items. Before you even begin your move, our North Texas movers suggest buying a back brace to prevent strains on those muscles in your lower back.

Our North Texas movers also suggest talking to a full-service moving company. While you might not want to spend the money on a whole moving package, it can be worth in in the long run. Most moving companies will have flexible packages, including a packing service that can help you in the moving process.

Sprained Ankles and Knee Injuries

You can avoid this common moving injury by wearing the right shoes. Make sure to have a clear path when moving your furniture, one slight thing such as a tucked-up carpet can lead to something bigger like a trip and fall, landing on your knees or twisting your ankle. Know the proper stances when lifting and do not put all work on your knees, making sure to evenly dispute weight is the best way in avoiding this moving injury.

Broken Toes and Fingers

You will be using all your hands a lot, so our North Texas movers highly suggest buying a pair of heavy-duty gloves to protect those fingers. When it comes to broken toes, make sure you are wearing the right footwear. No sandals, tennis shoes, or any type of foot wear that doesn’t offer protection can cause a broken toe by an object landing on your foot. Avoiding this moving injury is easy, just work in a heavy boot or solid shoe.

Cuts and Scrapes

This is just something that always happens when moving. You can avoid this type of moving injury by wrapping up sharp objects and corners before you lift them, you can even use your blankets that you have laying around. Our North Texas move always have a first aid kit on hand and you should too!

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we want to make sure you avoid these common moving injuries. It is always best in the long run to invest in a moving company such as our Denton movers, contact us today to learn more about pricing and other moving services.