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A Guide to Dealing with Post-Move Homesickness

Homesickness is an all too familiar problem when moving. We often try to suppress the feelings or sometimes they get so intense we leave the new house to go back home. As we discuss how to deal with homesickness in this guide, our Denton movers want to remind you that homesickness is normal.


Recognize Your Feelings About Homesickness

The first thing one needs to do when dealing with post-move homesickness is to acknowledge the feelings they are having. Sadness anger, anxiety, and confusion are some of the common feelings one might experience when dealing with homesickness. Write down these emotions and responses your body is going through and know that this is normal. In fact, homesickness is the body’s natural response when you are missing loved ones and friends back home.


Comforts of Home

Before you even move out of your house to the new one, make sure to pack a few home comforts. This can be a favorite recipe that reminds you of home, a teddy bear or blanket, pictures of friends and family and anything that will spark the memory of home. When you are dealing with homesickness at the new house you can take these out and start setting them in your new home. Maybe invite some new friends over to cook a favorite recipe for them and start creating new memories. Just the smell of the food can spark a memory and make you feel as if you were home once again.


Talk to Someone About Your Feelings

If your feelings are too much to handle alone, you should seek out someone to talk to. This person can be a licensed therapist, friend, family or even neighbor who has dealt with leaving home before. Know that many people go through the emotions when leaving home, especially with young adults leaving for college.


Get Outside and Explore Your New Location

While dealing with post-move homesickness you may exhibit symptoms where you are not motivated to even go outside. You need to push yourself and get out of this mindset. Go explore the new city where you are now a resident. Doing this alone can give you a chance for independence, a chance to get a feel of the new city. You can even volunteer with a local organization, which is a great way to meet new people and make friends with a common interest. Try the different foods that your new city offers, sightseeing along the way.


How Do You Help Someone with Homesickness?

Not only can this guide help you if you are dealing with post-move homesickness, but it can also help someone who is suffering. Remember to always be there for someone who is missing home and allow them to have a safe, non-judgmental place to talk where their feelings will be validated.

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