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What to Do on the First Night in Your New House

With an entire laundry list of things to do and boxes piled up in every room after your move to Nashville, we’re sure all you want to do is sit around and do absolutely nothing but relax. Unfortunately, there’s more to be done and it’s not going to get done itself! Lucky for you, the professional Tennessee movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created a short list of what to “unpack first” and other ways to enjoy the first night in your new house. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to figure out what to do next – we’ve got you covered.

Unpack the “First Night” Box
If you’ve followed our Tennessee movers instructions on packing a “first night” box, now is the time when you unpack it. Normally, the major essentials for the first night in your new house are things like pajamas, bedding, toothbrushes, soaps, bath towels, phone chargers, medicines, and other things you’ve brought with you in your car instead of allowing to travel in the moving van.

Set Up Your Bed
While you have some energy left, you should set up your bed. Whether you have a mattress on the floor or if your bedframe is already set up, put some clean sheets on your bed and pillowcases on your pillows. This way, you can plop down into bed when you’re completely and utterly exhausted and just can’t stay awake tidying up anymore.

Stock Up Your Bathrooms
Hygiene is of course a very important. You should have your toothpaste, toothbrush, soaps, and shampoos readily available, so you don’t have to scramble around to find them before plopping into that bed you just prepared. Set up your bathroom with other things you regularly use before bed, as well.

Enjoy Yourself
Moving into a new home is a great accomplishment, and it deserves to be celebrated! After you’ve successfully unpacked your “first night” box and feel comfortable enough to finally get that relaxation time in, our Tennessee movers have a couple first night in your new house suggestions:

- Order take-out or delivery
- Play a game with the other members in your household (especially if you don’t have cable or internet)
- Read a book
- Meet your neighbors
- Go explore your city (leave your household worries alone for a while)
- Toast to your move to Nashville with a cheers!

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