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The Best in Nashville Music History

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The Nashville music scene is known around the world as one of the greatest there is. Its mix of old school country roots and vibrant modern music makes it among the most unique around. As Nashville movers, we know the scene well as we’re constantly listening to local music during our drives.

We have made this list of the best ever in the Nashville music scene, if you’re thinking of moving to our music-filled city, or just planning a visit you have to know the best of the greatest musicians from Tennessee to have ever done it!

Who Are The Best Famous Nashville Singers? 

Let’s first cover the voices that put Nashville music on the map, the great singers and songwriters who make us sing along as best we can to their many hits. These are not only famous in Nashville, but also the most famous musicians from Tennessee. 

Johnny Cash

He may have been born in Arkansas, but the city isn’t nicknamed Cashville for no reason. Johnny Cash is a staple of Nashville and has been for decades.  His career pushed country music past a niche level and to the world stage. His influence in all things Nashville is hard to overstate. 

Chris Stapleton 

Chris Stapleton is another proud adoptee of the Nashville music scene. He moved to our great city to find success and found the love and support of our entire community in the process. His mix of country and blues is exactly what makes him such a unique and popular voice among the many residents of Nashville.

What Are The Best Bands From Nashville Tennessee?  

Rock and Roll is alive and well in Nashville, our city has many bands that were either raised or transplanted here and found great success in the process. These are our picks from the long list of Nashville rock bands that we can’t stop listening to.

The Black Keys

The black keys represent everything Nashville is in one word, alternative. Their alt-rock sound has produced many earworms over the years, and we simply cannot stop listening to any one of their hits. This city’s alternative rock scene has been influenced by and been an influence to this group since its inception.

The Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon have been based out of Nashville since the 1990s, not only are they a mainstay of Nashville music, but they are also perhaps some of the most influential voices the city has ever had. Nashville music would not be the same without this group and we love them for sticking around.

The Best Movers In Nashville Are Ready To Help

All My Sons Moving & Storage is not just made up of music lovers, it is made up of Nashville movers who love this city and love to see it grow with new faces! Get an online quote today or call us at 615-908-2977 to learn all about how we can be a part of your move to Nashville!

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