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Steps to Pack an Entire Apartment in One Day

You are moving from your apartment and you’ve waited until the very last minute to start packing up your place. Well don’t worry- our packing company in Raleigh has some tips to help you pack an entire apartment in one day.

The most important way to make your life easier is to declutter. Before you start packing, clean your apartment and put everything back where it belongs in your apartment. While you are cleaning, go through each room of your apartment and take out what you no longer need or want. Take those items to Goodwill or Salvation Army to get them out of the way. Keep your receipt and you’ll be eligible for a tax break for your donation. Bring books back to the library, give your friend back the items you borrowed months ago and forgot you had, etc. Less stuff makes packing that much faster. Remember, you must pack an entire apartment in one day, the less stuff the better.

Now that you are left with only the belongings you’ll need in a move, take a breath and think creatively. Don’t try to fit everything into suitcases. Make sure you have boxes on hand for some of your larger items. Color code your boxes. Whether you color code or use labels on your moving boxes, knowing which items are in which box is a super convenient tool when it comes to unpacking. Plus, if you do need to break into one of your boxes for an item throughout the moving process you’ll know exactly where to find it. Try labeling items from the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, office supplies, personal hygiene items, etc.

Pack for your new place. Most people use the strategy of packing their current home room by room, but consider how the setup may be different in your new home. Our packing company in Raleigh suggests trying to pack based on what will be grouped together in your new place. If there are less bedrooms than your current home, try consolidating items so you aren’t left with random boxes lying around.

But remember you have a time crunch. Don’t spend unnecessary money on tons of packing products when you probably have a lot of what you need already. Laundry bags, trash bags, storage bins, etc. can all be used to pack up your belongings.

Roll, don’t fold, your clean clothes and put them in your suitcase. Do not take your clothing in your closet off the hanger. Wrap a trash bag or some similar packing products around about 6 hangers of clothes for easy moving to your new closet. Use your laundry bag or hamper for your dirty clothes and sheets/comforter. Shoes can go in trash bags or bins you used for organizing space.

Use your carry-on suitcase to pack your toiletries and re-organize all your storage containers to fit as many items as possible. Then tape closed the drawers so you can move them as is- no further packing required.

If you have a lot of bags (backpacks, purses, gym bag, etc.) use that space to pack decorations, electronics and any other miscellaneous items in your room.

Finally, make sure anything that is freestanding like lamps, glasses, plates, etc. are wrapped in the right packing products, like bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper. Consult with a packing company in Raleigh if you need ideas or to purchase any supplies. Do one last sweep around the room to make sure you have everything, vacuum and tidy up, and take a bow because you are done! To ease your moving stress, call on All My Sons Moving & Storage in Raleigh. Our team has over 20 years of experience as the trusted mover and packing company in Raleigh, and we include full packing services to ensure your items are safely packed and transported to your new home. Happy moving!