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Getting Your Security Deposit Back

With an upcoming move, you are probably excited about your new place and exploring your new home. While it is fun to imagine, do not neglect your current home. As a renter, you should be able to get your security deposit back and get a little extra money in your pocket if you take some extra steps to clean and repair your rental prior to moving out.

Steps to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Our South Raleigh residential movers have helped people move from homes of all conditions. While it may be easier to just walk away, you are basically throwing money out the window if you do not bother getting back your security deposit. While a pet deposit may be nonrefundable, security deposits are typically refundable. Your responsibility as a tenant is to leave your home in the same way as it was when you moved in, which is generally clean and free of damage.  

We have some tips to get your security deposit back. By following these steps, you can learn how to get your security deposit back in full.

Make Necessary Repairs Before Moving Out

The first step to getting your security deposit back is to do a thorough walk through of your home and make a list of what should be fixed. 

Our South Raleigh movers recommend starting with any major repairs. You will want to do these first to make sure you complete them before you leave. If you neglect to make these fixes, then you are certainly not getting a full refund of your deposit.

The next step is smaller fixes. These repairs may include tightening loose screws, fixing loose floorboards, and filling holes in the walls.

The last repair you need to make is painting. Whether this is touch ups or applying a fresh coat of paint, this is one of the easiest ways to help your home look like new again.

Clean Things Up to Get Your Security Deposit Back

After all the repairs are done, you will need to start the cleaning process. If you want your security deposit back, you need to do a thorough clean. This process includes wiping down every surface and cleaning the floors.

Our South Raleigh local movers suggest starting with the least visited areas of your home so they stay clean. You can also work in tandem with your packing process. As you gather South Raleigh packing supplies and your items start to disappear into boxes, clean the areas where the items had been. You can work room by room and slowly make those clean areas of your home mostly off limits.  

Save the cleaning for your main living areas for last, as they will inevitably get dirty again if they are cleaned too far in advance.

You will need to ensure that everything that you brought with you is removed from the premises. If you no longer want it, throw it out or donate it. Throw all trash out before you leave as well.

The last task to getting your security deposit back is vacuuming or mopping the floor in the main area. This should be done after everything is out, as people will no longer be walking through the home.

Finally, take pictures of the empty apartment. This way if you get charged for something you shouldn’t, you have proof to refute this charge with your landlord and get back your security deposit.

If you want to get your full security deposit refund, your place should have almost no trace that you were once living there. At All My Sons Moving & Storage South Raleigh, we are more than just a North Carolina moving company, we are here to help you before, during, and after the moving process.