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Saving Money on Packing Supplies

How to Move on a Budget: Affordable Packing Supplies

Moving out of a new home and into a new one doesn’t come cheap. Whether you do it yourself and pay for a rental moving truck or you hire qualified professional movers to assist in your relocation, residential moves can be expensive. So, how to move on a budget? Don’t worry, it is possible to do this. You must work with a reputable moving company willing to work within your budget and follow a few money-saving tips.

While transporting your belongings can end up costing a considerable amount, packing supplies can quickly add more and more to your final bill. If you purchase everything brand new, chances are you won’t be saving much money on your move. Here’s how to save money on packing supplies.

Repurpose Items You Have Around the House

Plenty of household items can be used as packing supplies, offering comparable protection for your belongings at a fraction of the cost. Pillows and towels can serve as padding inside moving boxes. Leftover newspapers, t-shirts and pillowcases can serve as make-shift bubble wrap for delicate items. And old blankets, quilts, and comforters can replace quilt-padded moving blankets to protect furniture. You can find most of these items around the house, so they’ll end up costing your zero dollars in moving expenses.

Use Moving Box Alternatives When Possible

When investing in packing supplies, you’ll likely end up spending the bulk of your budget on moving boxes. When you are moving on a budget, you can cut a few corners (when it is safe to do so). Instead of putting soft items like clothes and bedding into moving boxes, use heavy-duty outdoor garbage bags instead – two layers is usually enough. Some smaller sized decorations and electrical appliances can be placed in luggage bags and carry-ons. Using these alternatives helps you spend less on brand new boxes.

Recycle for Free Packing Supplies

Some of your items will need to be stored in cardboard boxes to safely be delivered to your new home. Recycling used boxes to pack your stuff in is a money-saving method. If you look in the right places, these recycled boxes won’t cost you a penny. So, where can you get free packing supplies like boxes? Go to your local:

Grocery stores
Shopping centers
Furniture stores
- Liquor stores

Ask if they could give you some of their empty boxes. In many cases, these boxes will be heading to the landfill, so storeowners won’t have any qualms giving some to you for free. These boxes will have carried produce, books, bottles, appliances, furniture, and other heavy items over great distances so you can trust their strength and ability to protect your belongings.

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