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Raleigh Professional Movers: How to Pack a Storage Unit

There are a lot of factors to moving that can sometimes be unpredictable or untimely. Our South Raleigh movers know that sometimes plans can go awry during a move, causing you to need a place to leave your belongings temporarily. Our full-service moving company is proud to offer secure storage units for these unforeseen times. 

If you are new to the world of storage units, our team can share the best way to pack a storage unit to get you started. Read on for more details!

How to Pack a Storage Unit

If you need to store your belongings during a certain period, it’s best to have an effective plan for how you will pack a storage unit. The planning process is so crucial when deciding the best way to pack a storage unit. Our South Raleigh local movers know that you will reduce a lot of stress by properly executing this step.

Make a Plan

During the planning stage, you will need to purchase the sufficient amount of packing supplies for your items. You want to successfully utilize the storage unit space while still providing enough space for you to access your belongings. The best way to pack a storage unit is to put the items you won’t be needing right away to the back and the items you think you’ll be accessing more frequently toward the front.

Take Inventory

Before you pack your unit, you will need to take inventory of exactly what you will be placing in the storage unit and what you will be taking. Write these items down so you can easily recall where your belongings are when looking for them. When you visit your storage unit, make sure you bring your list! This way, when you enter your storage unit, you will always know exactly what items are stored inside. 

Label Your Moving Boxes

The best way to pack a storage unit is to try and pack your items in uniform boxes so that it’s easy to stack them. Boxes are your main packing supply, and you should purchase the right amount based on how many items you need to pack. When you are filling your storage space with boxes, it’s important to leave a small path in the middle of the unit. This will allow for a nice walkway while still effectively utilizing the space. If you fill the entire space, it will be difficult to retrieve boxes that are way in the back. When you purchase your packing supplies, don’t forget to buy labels! Our South Raleigh residential movers suggest that you always use labels on boxes when moving – however, in this case, they are crucial. Chances are, you aren’t going to remember exactly where you stacked your appliances box when it’s in storage for a long time, so labels will do wonders!

Use Furniture Covers

No matter if your storage unit has temperature control options or not, you should still properly cover your furniture items for extra protection against external factors. Mattress bags and sofa covers will work great to prevent dust and moisture from damaging your items. Not all storage units provide cleaning services, so you will want to proactively keep your items maintained under covers.

Packing Placement

Since you are only working with a limited amount of space, the best way to pack a storage unit is to effectively use the full amount of space. The largest and bulkier items should surround the walls of the unit, and the taller items should be placed in the back. This will allow the proper amount of space to be filled with smaller boxes and other items towards the middle of the unit.

South Raleigh movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage provide packing services for moving into a storage unit. However, if you decide to pack the unit yourself, we hope these tips on the best way to pack a storage unit help make your packing experience a lot easier! Contact our team today and receive a free, no-obligation quote.