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Packing Products You Don’t Know You Need

If you and your family are moving to a new home, the first step in the moving process is the planning phase. This includes gathering and purchasing the necessary packing products that will ensure an efficient and safe move. One of the most crucial aspects of relocating is making sure you have the right packing products and the sufficient amount. If you are planning on moving yourself, you will have full control over how you wish to pack your items. Your main concern will most likely be the protection of your belongings and All My Sons’ Raleigh moving company shares with you the packing products you don’t know you need, to assure the best protection.

The Right Moving Boxes

The most standard packing supply everyone needs during a move is boxes. You may not know that it’s extremely important to find different shapes and styles of boxes when looking for packing products. For ordinary cardboard boxes, you will want to get your hands on small, medium, and large sized boxes that can accommodate your items of different sizes. Also, you may not know that you will need specialty boxes that provide extra protection for your valuables and precious belongings. These boxes are designed for certain purposes and we suggest you purchase wardrobe, dish, and picture boxes to store your household items. Wardrobe boxes will make your life so much easier by allowing you to hang your clothing while still placed in the box. Picture boxes are much more durable and they usually come with special frame protectors to prevent damage.

Securing Supplies

When packing your items, you need to take into consideration how you will secure your boxes properly so they will be transported safely during the moving journey. A lot of people forget this step and there are many packing products you can purchase to get the job done. You need to look for quality packing tape to seal and reinforce your boxes. There are many kinds of packing tape and you want to purchase the most durable option for the best results. Cords, ropes, and moving straps are excellent packing products to help secure your items. You can easily use ropes and cords to bundle your moving boxes as well as to keep your dresser drawers held shut during the move. You will need these small packing products especially to hold down your belongings on a dolly and in the moving truck.

Different Types of Bags

While bags might not seem like the most practical moving supply, different types of them can come in handy for packing purposes. Vacuum bags work great for saving space on items that tend to be bulkier but flexible. You can store your blankets and pillows in vacuum bags for proper storage. Most people don’t realize that trash bags also work well for transporting soft and lightweight items. If you run out of boxes, trash bags are a good alternative for your items that cannot easily be damaged.

Make sure you don’t forget about these packing products when you are planning for your move. Our South Raleigh movers are here to help and you can contact us today for questions about all your moving needs!