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4 Tips to Organize Your Garage

The movers are gone. It’s just you, your new home and a mountain of boxes scattered all over the place. Of course, when moving to South Raleigh, you probably already have an idea of how you want your home organized. If you did your prep work, all the boxes are in their correct rooms and it’s just a matter of unpacking them, which you might know doesn’t always happen quickly. So how do you keep those boxes from ending up in your garage for months? Try these helpful tips to organize your garage without over cluttering it.

Protect Items from Extreme Temperatures

Usually the items you wouldn’t keep inside your home are probably items you don’t need anyway. They can usually be kept in a separate storage unit until another time of the year. Still, if you think that there are items that belong in the garage, you could be wrong. Paint cans left over from a pain job don’t need to go into your garage. In fact, paint can be ruined from extreme heat or cold and is best kept in a temperature controlled area. Paper products can be easily damaged by insects and should be kept inside the house.

Create a Floor Plan

Sketching general areas in your garage that will be dedicated to certain items can help to reduce clutter in your garage. It may also reduce the amount of time you spend searching through large piles when you need something. It’s a good idea to organize your garage based on the items you use often and to categorize the other items by limited or seasonal use. The back-left corner is an example of a good location to dedicate Christmas items to, while the back-right corner could be used for summer items. It’s all a matter of preference and how much space is being occupied. Another factor in organizing things is deciding on whether you will want a work bench or not. If so, maximize the space you have on the walls and on your garage ceiling to incorporate the bench and the surrounding items.

Keep It Off the Floor

The best tip to organize your garage is to install shelving, peg boards, or slats to keep items on the wall rather than on the floor. If you are moving to South Raleigh or have recently moved to the area, this is the best time to install these life changing features to your garage. Placing all your garage items on the wall can help contain all the little loose items in one container and can leave you more room for your car. It will also allow you to easily spot what you need without digging.

Peg Boards and Tool Chests

Peg boards and tool chests can help organize your garage and in turn, keep you organized. By utilizing a peg board, you can arrange your items in a way that allows you to easily spot anything that may be missing. The tool chests are great for organizing smaller items such as boxes of nails or drill bit sets.