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Moving to South Raleigh with Pets

Now that you’re about to move to South Raleigh, North Carolina, there’s so much on your plate that you must finish. This can include booking North Carolina movers to help you settle into our new home, signing documents from your new employer, shopping for new furniture and décor, scheduling an installation with our home security company, and so on. A lot of this can stress you out, but don’t forget about your furry friend. Animals tend to behave differently when there’s a sudden change to their environment. Not to worry, our South Raleigh movers discuss different ways to make moving to South Raleigh with pets easier.


Preparing for the Long-Haul

Since moving to South Raleigh with pets requires a lot of preparation, our North Carolina movers recommend starting with a visit to the veterinarian. Re-stock on any prescription medication that will last your furry friend well after you’ve relocated. Also, inquire about rabies tag state regulations [1] if you’re moving long-distance with pets as well as recommendations for new vets in South Raleigh.

After the visit, pack an overnight bag with necessities for your pet. This can include grooming tools, cat litter, pooper scooper, food, treats, and toys.

Moving Day

Before our South Raleigh long-distance movers arrive to help you move out, check your pet into a doggy/kitty daycare to keep them away from the chaos at home. While our experts securely pack all items and furniture as part of the South Raleigh packing services, call hotels along your route to confirm if they’re pet-friendly. If you’re moving long-distance with pets, a break from the closed-in space of the car can do them some good.

During the car ride, you can keep a small pet in a kennel to keep them safe and comfortable. A couple of weeks before our South Raleigh movers come to help you move out, train them to sleep in the kennel and reward them with treats to help them adjust to it. Throw a blanket over the kennel during the car ride to keep them from seeing the changing environment. When you’re moving to South Raleigh with pets, it helps to keep them calm.


Home Sweet Home

While our South Raleigh movers are helping you get settled into your new place, designate a safe area in the home to keep your pet safe while helping them become familiar with their new home. If you have a big dog, you can let them loose in the backyard.

Once our movers have professionally finished the job, take your dog for a walk around town, let them sniff around to get to know their environment better.


One Less Thing to Worry About

When you’re in need of professional help to move to Raleigh, North Carolina, give our reliable movers a call. We provide an array of relocation services to meet all your moving needs so you can take care of more pressing matters like caring for your pet. Call 919-372-3399 for your free, no-obligation quote today.





[1] Power Shots – Rabies Laws by State