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Moving Apps to Help You Relocate to South Raleigh

With an upcoming move to South Raleigh, your schedule is packed with errands to complete. Such errands likely include booking North Carolina movers to help you settle into your new place, finish registering the kids at their new school, signing the last few documents with your new employer, shopping for new furniture – the list goes on. Have you considered using some apps to help make things go smoother? Well, our South Raleigh movers are here to help by listing a few moving apps to help you relocate to South Raleigh.



If you haven’t settled on where you’ll live in South Raleigh, let Zillow [1] give you a hand. The real estate company located in Seattle lets users browse through thousands of rental and “for sale” listings from all over the country. Zillow is one of the best moving apps to help you relocate to South Raleigh as it helps you through each stage of the home search. The app also provides up-to-date resources like current mortgage rates and a real-time walkthrough of neighborhoods, an extra bonus of using the app.



After you’ve decided on your new home in South Raleigh, plan where furniture will be arranged ahead of time by using Magicplan. [2] While the app is open and you walk around, Magicplan uses the home’s dimensions to create your floorplan in augmented reality so you can digitally move furniture around as much as you like until you find a layout you’re happy with. Save your movers the touble by knowing exactly where things will go. Aside from floorplan fabrication, the app also includes 3D models, site surveying, and a material and cost estimator for renovations and other projects.



Trying to pack all your belongings before moving to Raleigh, NC can be a huge pain in the neck. Simplify the packing prpcess when you download Sortly. [3] It can create labels for boxes after you sort items by room directly in the app so you know what contents are in each box and where that box belongs.

Sometimes, packing can be time-consuming, no matter what app you use, so we recommend using our South Raleigh packing services to save you time. Our expert movers are specially trained in packing various types of items and furniture using high-quality material. No more worrying about properly packing your stuff, we’ve got you covered!


Facebook Marketplace

Bringing unnecessary items to your new place will only weigh you down and take up space as you’re moving into the new home. Therefore, list anything salvageable items for sale on the Facebook Marketplace to lighten your packing load and put a little extra cash back in your wallet. You’ll find a variety of different things for sale on the Marketplace such as furniture, home décor, exercise machines, vehicles, and even real estate.


Our South Raleigh Movers Have Your Back

When planning a move to South Raleigh, even if you have embraced moving apps to help you relocate to South Raleigh, make sure to include our professional movers in your relocation plans. With over twenty years of experience, our South Raleigh movers have the expertise to get you fully moved into the new home and delivering outstanding customer care. Call 919-372-3399 today for your complimentary, moving quote!





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