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Most Haunted Places in South Raleigh

If you enjoy haunted places, be sure to take advantage of the best that South Raleigh has to offer. South Raleigh has a history of haunted mansions, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and more. Get a group of friends together and explore some of the most haunted places in North Carolina -- or adventure solo, if you dare. With the help of our South Raleigh movers, you will encounter the local haunts in no time.


Mordecai House

This mansion is a great introduction to haunted places in the area. Mordecai House is located in Mordecai Historic Park and is Raleigh’s oldest house still on its original foundation. In 1785, the mansion was built by Joel Lane for Moses Mordecai and Margaret Lane. In the 1800s, it was passed onto Mordecai Turk. For years, she socialized and played piano. Now, the house is said to have paranormal activity. People have spotted a woman roaming the balcony and playing the piano.


Andrew Johnson’s Birthplace

There have been reports of suspicious activity at the former president’s childhood home in South Raleigh. A strange coincidence is that this house is located on the Mordecai property. Neighbors describe seeing a lighted candle floating in the first floor window. The candle is said to move between the first and second floors and then quickly go out.


North Carolina State Capitol

The North Carolina State Capitol is said to be haunted by former state representatives. Most notably, a night watchman heard screaming, slamming, breaking glass, and footsteps. The watchman also said that the elevator moved through floors on its own. It’s important to note that the watchman no longer works at the North Carolina State Capitol.


North Carolina Executive Mansion

If you’re looking for ghost stories, then the North Carolina Executive Mansion is a good place to visit. Over the years, the mansion has experienced paranormal activity. In fact, Governor Bob Scott reported repeated banging on the bedroom walls. In the 1970s, Governor Scott had replaced an antique bed. In the 1890s, Governor Daniel Fowle lived in the mansion and died in this antique bed. Once Governor Scott learned that Governor Fowle had died in the bed, he returned the bed to the mansion. The banging stopped and hasn’t been heard since.


Historic Oakwood Cemetery

A list of the most haunted places in South Raleigh would not be complete without a cemetery. If you choose to visit the Historic Oakwood Cemetery, be sure to look at Etta Rebecca White’s gravestone. This gravestone is almost impossible to miss because it is carved into the shape of an angel. Visitors have said that the angel’s eyes follow you as you walk around the cemetery. The Historic Oakwood Cemetery is 150 years old and full of haunted stories.


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