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Job Relocations: What to Consider and What to Ask For

Relocating for work typically means a great opportunity is in store. It’s not only a very big deal for you, but the company as well. Did you know that most companies have relocation assistance programs for employees when they are required to move? Therefore, moving to South Raleigh for a job relocation doesn’t have to be as scary as you may think.

If your employer has not mentioned any sort of job relocation assistance, don’t hesitate to inquire about their offer. Not all companies willingly mention job relocation packages, but they usually have some sort of program in place, so it’s important for employees to take advantage of them whenever available. Moving can be expensive and companies usually won’t expect you to take on that expense, at least not completely.

When moving to South Raleigh for a job relocation, consider what you will need to efficiently move. Think about what you will need to relocate all your belongings and the monetary costs of relocating those items. Your employer may not cover the total costs of relocating, but it will give you a starting point of how much you will need to move.

A job relocation reimbursement could include a full service moving package in which the company pays for the loading, transport and unloading of all household items, as well as insurance to assure the safety of all your items. However, some companies may only pay for the actual truck rental and a few other miscellaneous items. Put forth your best efforts to reduce the amount of money that comes out of your pocket during a job relocation. Explain to your company the importance of having the stress of items removed from you so that you can better focus on your new position.

The final item to consider when moving to South Raleigh for job relocation, is the form in which you wish to receive your relocation benefits. There are several ways for employers to reimburse you for your moving costs. When a company provides you with a lump sum, you are receiving a one-time payment to cover all your moving expenses. It is a pre-negotiated amount in which you are entitled to spend in any way you so choose. On the other hand, a reimbursement is when the company agrees to reimburse you for your moving expenses up to a predetermined amount. For this method, you will need to save all your receipts and provide proof of all moving expenses. It is essentially up to the employer of which they consider to be an essential relocation expenditure. Direct billing is another payment method the employer may use. In this method, the company pays all or some of the moving expenses directly to a moving company they have hired. This method can be combined with other reimbursement methods or may be offered on its own. When considering your job relocation, be sure to know how much you expect to spend for your move and which payback method you would prefer. Your employer may not always agree, but you at least now have a starting point to negotiate your relocation.