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Items you should have professionally packed

Before you go ahead and do the packing on your own, there are a few items you should have professionally packed instead. So, save yourself the time and hassle and let the pros at All My Sons Moving & Storage tackle the big things!

Fine Glass, China and Fine Art

When it comes to items you should have professional pack, fragile items and fine art are when you need a mover for. China, fine glass, and delicate art pieces needed to be packed carefully when moving. You don’t want to risk ruining your own precious items. These items should always be left to the professional packers to handle.

Heavy Objects

Don’t sprain your back or risk a common moving injury when packing. Heavy objects such as bookcases, TVs, beds, and more should always be left to the professional packers to handle. Most moving companies, such as the one here in South Raleigh, will help when it comes to picking up heavy objects.

Awkwardly Shaped Objects

Have awkwardly shaped objects that need to be handled by the professionals? Grandfather clocks, large statues, or objects you are not sure what to do with are things that should be professionally packed. Don’t handle these objects alone or shove them into a box. These items need special care, the kind of care that only a professional packer can handle.


An item you should have professionally packed is furniture. Not only are they always hard to pack and ship, but they are also heavy and require a lot of care. Most furniture actually has to be taken apart when moving. For this reason, it is important to find a moving company you can trust to do this task. Here at our South Raleigh moving company, our movers are the experts at handling furniture, assembling and dissembling all pieces.

Calling a Moving Company

When in doubt, call a moving company. Our local South Raleigh movers have a South Raleigh packing service as part of our full-service moving company. What this means is that you do not have to worry about items you should have professionally packed because we pack it all!

Let our movers be the ones to provide you with the proper moving supplies you need for your relocation. Our South Raleigh packing supplies include all the moving boxes, padded quilts, dollies, bubble wrap, tape and more! We are the experts in providing you not only the professional packing service but the professional packing supplies as well.

Don’t risk losing your valuable items because you packed them incorrectly. Call our experts movers instead to handles these items you should have professionally packed!