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How to Make Unpacking Fun

Packing and unpacking are probably the least exciting parts of relocating. Trying to fit your entire life into boxes is quite a challenge and incredible tedious – and then unpacking everything and organizing it all into a new space is a whole different kind of puzzle But what if there was a way to make unpacking fun? At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our movers in South Raleigh have got just the answer!

Get the Kids Involved

Want to make unpacking fun? Get your kids to help – make it a game! This is a great way to get the whole family involved and is a great opportunity for everyone to learn where everything should go for future reference. Turn it into a competition between your kids: whoever can unpack and organize their room first wins a prize like a new toy or an ice cream outing. On the other hand, you could make it a whole family game against the clock: if you can finish a certain amount of unpacking (or all of it) by a certain time, you can go out to a special restaurant or have a family fun day out at the fair or the beach. You want your children to get excited about unpacking as much as you can.

Blast the Music

Make unpacking fun by turning up the volume of speakers and rock out. You need to find ways to stay energized and nothing says energy and fun like blasting the radio. Whether you have a modern home assistant like Alexa and Google or you like to keep it old school with a record player or the radio, just crank some tunes and dance around as you put things away and clean the new house. Have a little dance party even! This is your house and you can do what you want!

Reward Yourself

Just because you just moved into your home doesn’t mean you have to unpack everything all at once, especially with no breaks. Set smaller unpacking goals, like unpacking a few boxes or arranging all the furniture in one room, and then take a mini break when you’ve reached it. After a larger unpacking goal is completed, such as unpacking an entire room, take a longer break or treat yourself to lunch or dinner away from the house for a bit before continuing; it will help make this whole experience a little more fun if you have something to look forward to. Our local South Raleigh movers recommend staying hydrated and having snacks handy for a little energy boost when you need it.

Hire a Packing Service

Though it won’t necessarily make unpacking fun, hiring professionals to pack for you is certainly less stressful, which can make the whole moving experience more enjoyable for you. The South Raleigh packing service offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage is included in your full-service moving package or a la carte as well. What that means is that our movers will not only help you relocate, but we will also help you pack and unpack all of your moving boxes in the comfort of your home. Call today for a free, no-obligation moving quote!