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The Best Museums in South Raleigh NC

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The museums in South Raleigh NC are renowned as the best museums in NC! A wide variety of educational topics can be explored at these sites, which includes everything from history to the wonders of the natural world. There is truly no limit of what can be explored at these wonderful exhibits in Raleigh NC’s museums located in the South. 

Our expert South Raleigh movers are very familiar with these museums and love to see educational activities become a mainstay of our community. If this is your first time in our great city, then head to these are just some of the amazing attractions you should see, do not hesitate to visit these museums. 

The North Carolina Museum of History

If you’re a history buff, then museums don’t get much better than this! What makes this a must-see among museums in Raleigh NC is the fact that over 14,000 years of history are on display for you to soak in and admire. Mix in the history of before this city even had its name with displays commemorating our state’s military history and sports heroes and you have a recipe for one South Raleigh museum that is perfect for someone uninitiated in Raleigh’s history. 

North Carolina Museum of Art

For all of our artistic new residents or visitors, you will be happy to know that the leader of Raleigh art museums, the North Carolina Museum of Art, offers an amazing way to expand your art knowledge while seeing one of the most amazing museums in Raleigh NC! Displaying over 5,000 years of art history means that you will be able to see one of the largest varieties of works in the entire country! This museum is extremely accessible thanks to its location. 

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 

This is not just the largest of the South Raleigh science museums, but the largest in all the southeastern United States! This museum's size and scope are mirrored by its exhibits. It has been recommended for awards and even been the finalist in quite a few for the best museum of its type. If you’re in the mood to know more about everything on Earth, then this is the king of museums in South Raleigh NC!

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