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10 Tips for Moving Long Distance

Moving long distance is not the same as a local move. It’s important that you take the time to plan your move carefully to avoid any disasters along the way. The experts at our moving company in South Raleigh have created this list of 10 tips for long distance moving to ensure that your long-distance move goes as planned.

When moving long distance, your belongings will most likely be handled by multiple teams of movers, along with riding in the back of a truck for a large stretch of miles. You want to make sure that each box is packed to the top and that nothing is loose. If you have any empty space in your boxes, stuff some crumpled up packing paper in there. The best way to ensure the safety of your belongings is to have high-quality packing products.


You should properly insure your belongings when moving long distance. A lot can happen when your stuff is sitting in the back of a truck for thousands of miles. Determine how much coverage you want for your move, before anything goes wrong.


Keep personal documents and anything that you’ll need upon arrival with you. Along with important documents, you should pack clothes, pajamas, toiletries and whatever else you’ll need to stay sane while you wait for the moving truck to arrive.


To keep your mattress from getting damaged or bent out of shape, pack it in a box. If you just wrap your mattress up in random packing products, you run the risk of it being tarnished or dirtied.


Avoid food or liquids at all costs- even non-perishable foods. Food can make a mess in the back of the truck, or even worse, attract unwanted stowaways to the back of the moving truck. The same goes for liquids. Even the best-sealed liquid containers run the risk of being opened.


To save time on the other end, organize your belongings when you are packing. If you organize your boxes by the rooms their contents belong in, you will definitely speed up your unpacking process.


Label every single box with the room it corresponds to and with your name. In the event that something gets lost or mixed up with someone else’s belongings, our moving company in South Carolina can get it returned to you.


Sometimes, your contract for moving long distance might not have a confirmed delivery date. If this is the case, you need to plan accordingly for the delivery window.


It’s a good idea to assess the move-in situation before the movers get to your new place. If the roads are small, or parking is limited, you should make arrangements for this.


If you are moving into an apartment or condo, your building might have certain requirements for our South Raleigh movers to meet. You should make the building manager aware of your moving day, in advance, so both of you can plan for the movers accordingly.