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New To The Area: Where To Meet People In Charlotte

Simple Suggestions In Your New Home

Moving to a new city is an exciting and challenging time. You’re so excited for a fresh start, and then you realize you have no idea where to even go to meet people in South Charlotte. You’re in luck! Our South Charlotte movers share some of their favorite spots to get to know new people in town.

Where to Meet People in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“New Places and New Faces”

Perfect for people of all ages, New Places and New Faces is a social group meant for anyone looking for, well, new places to check out in town with the new faces you meet. Do you enjoy meeting new people? Want to try something new like ax throwing? That’s exactly what this social group is about! It’s so easy to join, and they organize events people will likely enjoy every month. You can make new friends easily in South Charlotte with the help of this group.


Give back to the community and meet other civic-minded individuals who also want to lend a hand. United Way: Hands On Charlotte is a local program that focuses on two objectives: leading community impact work to address the lack of economic mobility and generating revenue to support the impact initiatives. This program is an easy way for you to meet people in South Charlotte who will quickly become your friends. Not only will you be making new friends, but you will also be learning about the community you just moved to while helping to make it better.

Going to The Dog Park

Friends for you and friends for your pup -- double win! Going to a local dog park is an easy way to meet people in South Charlotte. There are many local dog parks in the city where your dog can run freely with the other dogs while you talk it up with the locals. The great part about meeting people at a dog park is that you already know you share a love of dogs. Give your furry best friend the best life possible while meeting your new best friends!

Join the Gym

The easiest and simplest way to meet people is to join a local gym, especially if they offer fitness classes. The warm-up before a class is a perfect place to get to know someone and to swap facts about diet, fitness, or vent about work stress. Even if you’re a novice, you can bond over the fact that you probably look funny doing some of those difficult yoga poses or Pilates moves. Invite your new friends for a smoothie afterward and make it a weekly thing.

Moving to South Charlotte, NC

Before you even begin the quest to meet new people in North Carolina, you first have to move to town. Call the local South Charlotte movers for more recommendations and ask about the moving services we offer. You can also request a free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll get you moving right away!