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Top Items Forgotten in a Move

Rifling through your bags and boxes in search of a lost item is never fun, especially not during a move.

After pulling your hair out trying to locate this forgotten object, not only do you lose the item, but you lose valuable time, too.

Your South Charlotte auto movers have compiled a list of top belongings forgotten during a move. Before the big day of your move to South Charlotte, pull out this list to make sure that you’re at least remembering the most important items.



Phones, tablets, laptops, E-readers—the list goes on of the gadgets which require chargers. No one wants their phone battery to die while snapping a picture of the new house. Being stranded with little battery and no charger in sight is a recipe for disaster, or at least unnecessary stress.

All of this can be avoided, though. Just charge your devices the day before and make sure to store them in a bag for personal daily belongings during your move to South Charlotte.



Your movers in South Charlotte have seen plenty of customers forget to pick up their last days of mail from their previous house and neglect to switch over to their new address for future mail. This can be both extremely frustrating and potentially hazardous.

For those with mailboxes which don’t require a key, forgetting mail leaves an opportunity open for individuals to come in and steal important information. Before your move to South Charlotte, switch your address and pick up your remaining bills, checks, and other mail items.


Important Documents

When moving, it can be difficult to remember seemingly smaller yet important belongings like your personal documents and records. These kinds of things can get lost in the shuffle of your big move and cause a lot of anxiety when you go to unpack them later.

Your South Charlotte auto movers do not want this to happen to you. We suggest packing these files in a personal belongings bag which can be accessible to you at all times and set apart from the rest of your packed items. These important documents may include birth certificates, passports, doctor records, dentist records, and social security information. Make sure to keep these files safe and secure during your move.



Oftentimes, appliances can seem like they’re glued to the house you’re living in. Many people unfortunately forget items like lamps, light fixtures, and even coffee makers during their move. Amidst the chaos of packing the clothes and the furniture and the jewelry, it can be all too easy to glance over these things as if they’re attached to the home itself.

Make sure to pack all plugged-in items before your move. This way you won’t have to suffer a long, headache-laden day without your morning coffee fix.

Your movers in South Charlotte can help you tick those mental boxes of forgotten items to ensure that your move to South Charlotte is unforgettable, too.