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An Intro to the Top South Charlotte Sports Teams

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South Charlotte is an area of the city filled with so much beauty, variety, and growth that it can be easy to look over the fact that Charlotte NC Sports Teams are a central part of South Charlotte's culture and pride. Charlotte sports teams represent our great city in a wide variety of sports, and if you are planning on moving here you better get well-acquainted with them fast!

Our professional movers in  South Charlotte, NC have made this analysis of the North Carolina professional sports teams that call Charlotte home. Even though this list covers the most popular teams, there are plenty more so be sure to check out some of the smaller Charlotte teams and show them your support as well!

Are the Panthers the King of Sports in South Charlotte NC?

Football is America’s most popular sport and when it comes to South Charlotte it is not so different. Our Carolina Panthers represent all North and South Carolina in the NFL, and the fact they decided to base themselves out of Charlotte says plenty about our city. So far, the Panthers have won two Conference titles, and a Super Bowl is on the way. Trust us.

The Charlotte Hornets Court Welcomes All

Basketball and Football have a similar rivalry to that of the Panthers and Hornets, there is no hate between these Charlotte sports teams and many fans enjoy both equally, but there can only be one king. With the Hornets maintaining a level of consistency through the years, we all are on the edge of our seats waiting for the inevitable playoff run. 

There is a race between our two biggest teams to see who will deliver our city a championship first, who’s your money on?

What About the Baseball and Soccer Charlotte Teams?

If you are more of a baseball person, then you won’t be starved for games! Our AAA baseball team, the Charlotte Knights, are the official affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. We’ve seen members of our baseball teams’ roster not only ascend to the MLB but also go as far as the Hall of Fame with Carl Ripken Jr.! 

Soccer fans need not worry either, our current Charlotte soccer club The Independence has been in the USL since 2014 and a planned 2022 MLS gives us high hopes for the growth of the sport’s popularity in Charlotte. We simply cannot wait for Charlotte FC to become the newest edition to our roster of charlotte sports teams. 

All My Sons Moving & Storage’s Charlotte Movers Are Here To Help

Once you’ve moved down here, we have no doubt that these Charlotte sports teams will become just one of the many things you love about living here. Be sure to make the move with the leader among the best moving companies in South Charlotte, All My Sons Moving & Storage. Get an online quote today or call us at 704-741-3583 to learn more! 

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