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Reuse Leftover Packing Materials in Your Home

Reuse Leftover Packing Materials in Your Home

It’s about time for you to prepare for your move to south Charlotte and, whether you know it or not, you may have some packing materials just lying around. They may be your traditional packing supplies, like cardboard boxes, plastic tote bins, packing tape, packing paper, possibly even some bubble wrap; they may be your non-traditional supplies, your regular items that you can repurpose as moving supplies. So, what can you reuse? Check your home for these:

Boxes and Tote Bins

If you do have these lying around, chances are you’re already using them to store a few things. They may not quite be full if they are being used. You can always use and reuse these for just about anything you’re trying to pack up for your move to South Charlotte!

Paper Products

You may have some packing paper somewhere, but if not, think about other paper products that you may have. A roll of wrapping paper, newspapers, magazines and catalogues, junk mail, scrap paper, shredded documents, even a ream of printer paper! You could always use these to wrap and fill fragile items and to use as filler and cushion for the empty spaces in your boxes in order to offer another layer of protection for your breakable belongings.

Egg Cartons

If you happen to eat eggs, you could always save up your egg cartons, whether they’re Styrofoam or cardboard, and use them to line the walls and bottoms of your boxes in order to offer a buffer and extra cushion for any of your belongings, especially your fragile items.

Yarn, Laces, and String

Many people have spare yarn, laces, or string somewhere in their homes. If you have a ton of shoes you don’t regularly wear, perhaps you can commandeer their laces temporarily for the move. Same goes for any spare yarn; apologize to the kitties and borrow it from them for the time being. With these, you can use them for extra padding and space filler for your boxes and belongings—just as well, you can use them to tie your boxes shut, or, perhaps, tie together certain items if need be. Later on, after the move, feel free to use them for their initial intended purposes!

Clothing and Bedding

You can always use some of your clothing to wrap and pad your boxes and belongings. With blankets and bedsheets, you can use them for the very same or maybe to use as protective covers for larger furniture, like coffee tables, dressers, side tables, and chairs—of course you’ll want to protect them from any damage!


If you haven’t got a bunch of stuff lying around for use in your move, you can always find all your necessary packing supplies in south Charlotte with All My Sons Moving & Storage. As a matter of fact, our family-owned business of professional movers in south Charlotte will help you with your entire move! Give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote today.