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Popular Takeout Spots in South Charlotte for Moving Day

After packing up boxes, loading the truck, driving many hours, and unloading the truck (especially if you did not hire professional movers in South Charlotte to do it for you), you are exhausted. The last thing you want to do is dig through boxes for cooking supplies, wash them, stop at the grocery store, and cook a meal. After all of that heavy lifting and mental planning, you need some takeout to satisfy your hangry stomach. At All My Sons Moving & Storage South Charlotte, our South Charlotte local movers get hungry after a long day of work, so we have compiled a list of popular takeout spots in South Charlotte for moving day.


The Best South Charlotte To-Go Food

When you are tired and looking grungy, takeout is a must for moving day food, but you do not need to settle for third-rate Chinese food or the typical delivery pizza. Our professional movers in South Charlotte suggest going to some South Carolina hotspots to really welcome you to the city.

Nothing says the South like some good barbecue. If you are from out of the area, South Charlotte barbecue could be a great start to your new adventure. Mac’s Speed Shop offers traditional barbecue favorites to go. It has three locations in the Charlotte area and online ordering, perfect for takeout!

After a day of hard labor moving to South Charlotte, you may need some carbs like some good Italian pasta and bread. Try Portofino’s, a popular takeout spot in South Charlotte with a few locations. They have a wide selection of pasta to choose from. Of course, there is always pizza as well. It is certainly a crowd-pleaser. Make the kids happy with a pizza from Portofino’s whether it is the traditional cheese or a specialty pizza like their Florentina pizza.

When you first think of takeout, you probably think of Chinese. If you are craving some good Chinese, try Wan Fu. It has an extensive menu of Chinese favorites that the locals rave about. You will be able to choose from classics like sesame chicken to lesser-known dishes like canton west lake duck.

If none of these places tickle your fancy, Zomato may have a couple of more suggestions for your area for moving day food. They list some of the best South Charlotte to-go food. If you really want to skip out on takeout, then you could consider doing some meal prep for your arrival. Just remember to pack plenty of paper plates, napkins, and utensils.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage South Charlotte, we want to be your resource for everything relating to moving to South Charlotte or moving out of state. Our North Carolina moving company is here to help you whether you are looking for popular takeout spots in South Charlotte or South Charlotte local movers who will do the packing for you. Contact us today.