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New Year’s Eve Party Games for Kids

New Year’s Eve Party Games for Kids

We’re in the final stretch, the last celebration of the holiday season, so grab the kids and get ready with some fun games to play on New Year’s Eve. Whether you are celebrating the New Year cuddled up at home or are counting down the minutes at a gathering, there are plenty of New Year’s Eve games for everyone to enjoy before midnight! Our South Charlotte movers are here to help you find fun party games for kids that are so lively even the adults will want to join in.

Find the Clock

This is our Indian Trail movers’ favorite on the list for New Year’s Eve games for kids. Hide an alarm clock somewhere nearby and set it to ring in about 15 minutes. Challenge the kids to find the clock before the timer goes off. To add a bit of difficulty, don’t count down the minutes for them. It is the perfect game for young kids, and even the adults can join in on the fun!

 If you’d like to make the game interesting, hide several alarm clocks and have them set to all go off at the same time, once they all go off the children will have to locate all the clocks and turn them off before someone finishes counting down.

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Gather everyone that would like to play New Year’s Eve games for kids, and have the guests sit in a circle on the floor or around a table. Moving around the circle, everyone takes turns saying three New Year’s Eve resolutions. But here is the catch -- two resolutions must be true while one is made up by the player. The rest of the players involved have to try and guess which of the New Year’s resolutions was not real. The player who has guessed the most correctly at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Guess the Resolution

This is a great game to get started as guests begin arriving and can involve everyone celebrating the New Year, not just the kids! Upon arrival, have everyone write down one of their New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year and place it in a hat or a bowl. When everyone has provided you with their resolution, pull them out one at a time and read each out loud. Everyone playing this fun New Year’s Eve game will then guess whose resolution belongs to whom. You can create more of an incentive by offering small prizes to those who guess correctly.

New Year’s Charades

This is a timeless addition to our list of New Year’s Eve games for kids and adults. Fill up a bowl with different notes that contain several New Year’s prompts. Once finished, have the children separate into two teams and act out to their teammates the prompt they have picked. Keep score of which team gets the most correct.

There are plenty of New Year’s topics to act out, such as a ball dropping, party dress, noisemakers, clock, or confetti -- get creative with it! Don’t forget to remind everyone playing that there is no talking allowed; they are only allowed to use gestures.

These New Year’s Eve games for kids are sure to keep them busy all night long, and most of them are games that you can play with the adults for even more fun! They can be played on a quiet night in or at a larger gathering, so whatever your plans are this New Year’s Eve consider entertaining the kids with some of our themed party game ideas.

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