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Moving with Pets to South Charlotte

Moving to South Charlotte is a time for celebration and excitement. However, besides trying to get the house ready and packed, you also need to think about how to move with pets. The South Charlotte movers share some ways to make it easier to prepare for a move with pets.


Prepare for the Move 

Moving to South Charlotte with pets requires a bit of preparation beforehand. While you might be stressing about all the tasks you still need to do, your pet can sense your energy and will react accordingly. First, just breathe. A clear head is the best way to plan the move, create a timeline including the tasks you need to complete. Besides packing or scheduling utility activation at the new house, remember to prepare for your pet as well.


Prepare an overnight bag for yourself with a toothbrush, a change of clothes, soap, and other essentials for your first night in the new house. Pack a similar bag for your pets as well, containing food, their water bowl, treats, a couple of their favorite toys to entertain them on the journey, and perhaps a blanket. You don’t want to stumble around the new house, opening several boxes trying to find that one thing in the middle of the night.


Moving with Pets in the Car

Whether the move is down the road or across the state, some animals do not like vehicle, especially cats. When you move to South Charlotte with pets, try to familiarize your pet to the car. Let your dog sniff around, take the, for a short drive and get that classic shot of their heads out the window. For cats you want to have a safe and well proofed carrier so they cannot escape. Most importantly, make sure there’s water in the car, especially in the summer when it is really hot, so your pets don’t dehydrate.


Update Information

Your pets need to be vaccinated. It is vital. They can scratch or bite out of fear and if you pet does not have updated vaccinations you can be held accountable and even sued. If you’re moving out of state with pets, you should take your pets for a final visit to the vet in order to obtain their updated medical documents including medical history, prescriptions, and vaccinations so you have them ready for the new vet. If you haven’t found one yet, this is a great opportunity to ask for recommendations.


The Actual Moving Day

While your South Charlotte movers are busy packing your belongings and loading the boxes on the moving truck, you might want to keep your pet in their cage, carrier, or separate room until everything is ready to go. With all the commotion in the house and the movers coming in and out at all times you don’t want to risk your pets running away out of fear.


Our reliable movers are pet-friendly because they know that pets are an important part of the family. Call our friendly local South Charlotte movers today to learn more about the moving services we offer and get a free, no-obligation moving quote.