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Fun Summer Activities In Your Backyard

The coronavirus changed a greater part of 2020. Summertime is coming up and our South Charlotte movers know that some states may still not be fully open due to the coronavirus. We have some ideas for fun summer activities in your backyard to keep you entertained at home. The best part? You won’t need too many things to get started! Check out this list of ideas for some fun in the sun this summer.

5 Summer Backyard Activities for the Family

Looking for ways to keep busy during the summer? Our South Charlotte local movers imagine that after being inside for months due to stay-at-home orders, being able to spend some time in the sun will feel amazing. Though many states are beginning to ease their stay-at-home restrictions, some people may not be ready to mix with the masses just yet. We have come up with some fun summer backyard activities for you and your family to enjoy if you choose to continue staying indoors.

Try Gardening
If quarantine has not already prompted you to grow a garden, then the summer is a perfect time to start! Even if you do not have a green thumb, gardening can be a fun and easy summer backyard activity. Enjoy getting your hands dirty while you plant your favorite flowers, vegetables or herbs. In a few months’ time, you’ll be able to see the fruits – or veggies or herbs – of your labor! Do not be intimidated by the responsibility of gardening; once you get into the habit of caring for your plants, it will become a relaxing part of your routine!

Adopt a Pet – Train A Furry Friend
Summer is the time when people are home the most, making it a great time to adopt a pet or bond with your furry friend, if you already have one. Dogs are really great companions and can be really obedient if trained properly. Is there a trick that you have always wanted to teach your four-legged friend? Now is the time!

Build a Fort
Explore your imagination with this fun summer activity in your backyard. Get your kids or family involved in the process of transforming your backyard into a new and uncharted land. Building a box fort is a great way to stimulate your mind and your kids’ minds as you create a place where their wildest dreams can come true.

Get a little soapy with a slip ‘n slide
One of everyone’s favorite fun summer activities is taking a turn on a slip ‘n slide! Spending the day outside seems great, but when it gets too hot, its time to cool off. Build your own homemade slip ‘n slide in just 3 easy steps. All you need is a tarp, some soap, and a hose! Have some friends over for a backyard BBQ or let your kids burn off some energy with their slippery moves.

Backyard camping
Nothing beats a night under the stars. Make this fun summer activity in your backyard a family event or a date night treat. Set up your camping gear and roast some marshmallows under the stars while you share your favorite stories or memories. You can also have a backyard movie night with a projector while you watch from your tent. Don’t forget your bug spray!


Our residential movers in South Charlotte hope that you make the most of your summer with these fun summer backyard activities. If you are getting ready to move to the South Charlotte area and want the best movers in town, contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote!