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Creative Ways to Pack with What You Already Own

Packing is always the least enjoyable part of moving. From going out and purchasing packing supplies to cleaning out your home and organizing all your belongings, it can be a massive hassle. What if our South Charlotte movers told you that you probably have a lot of what you need to sufficiently pack your belongings with items you already own? Well, it may not be as efficient as purchasing South Charlotte packing supplies, but those of you in a pickle can use the following creative tips to pack up your belongings.

Trash Bags are Your Friend

Those extra garbage bags can come in handy when it comes to packing up your home. If you have a lot of clothes hanging up in the closet, don’t waste time folding and packing them away. Simply take a few garbage bags and use them as makeshift wardrobe boxes. Grab about six or seven hangers with clothing and bunch them together. Pull the trash bag over the bottom, tie it at the top, and voila- you are ready to throw those in the truck. Not only are these wardrobe trash bags skinny and easy to pack in a moving truck or car, but it will get your closet packed in no time!

Another use for trash bags are to pack up shoes, blankets or extra bedding. Just make sure to warn your friends, family or South Charlotte movers that you used garbage bags to pack, so they don’t throw out your belongings.

Don’t Bother Packing Sweatshirts, Bedding or Blankets

Instead of taking up space in boxes for soft and fluffy bedding, use that bedding as padding for your fragile items. Sweatshirts, blankets and bedding all work great to protect the fragile dishes, glassware and other valuables that are being precariously placed in boxes. You can make quick work with your linen closet by packing them alongside your fragile items.

Don’t Move Anything Empty!

While this does not apply to your kitchen appliances and washer/dryer, your bins, suitcases, extra boxes and other storage items should never move empty. Fill them with shoes, purses and other accessories, clothes and anything else you can think of. Don’t waste money on boxes when you already have the perfect way to move your belongings. Just think how much easier it would be to wheel your clothes into the moving truck in a suitcase than lugging a heavy box. This DOES apply to dresser drawers- don’t empty them out! Make sure they are full and tape them shut, so your movers can move it into the truck as is. This will save you time in the packing and unpacking stage- your drawers will be ready to use!

No matter what kind of move you are making, remember that our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage can help! We offer the same moving and packing supplies that our professionals use every day. If you want to save time and ensure your belongings are safe and secure, give our South Charlotte movers a call and ask about our quality packing supplies.