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Successfully Choosing the Best School in South Atlanta

Relocating to a new community and finding a new school for your kids can be tough! This process can be difficult as you strive to make the right decision. But there’s no reason you need to stress about this process – our South Atlanta movers have you covered! These are a few things to look for when you’re choosing the best school in South Atlanta for your children.


Explore Educational Options

As you’re preparing for your move to South Atlanta, you are going to need to think about where you want to enroll your children for their education. Our South Atlanta residential movers know that deciding which school district, teachers, and classroom size can be tough. Think about your expectations and goals for your family.  


Here are a few questions to consider when choosing the best school in South Atlanta for your children:

• What style of learning best suits your child?  

• Does your child like to work alone or in groups? 

• How much individual attention are you looking for?   

• Do you want your child to go to school within walking distance of your home? 

• Are you willing to drive your child to school every day?


After much consideration about your child’s needs, location of your home, and your child’s learning style—it’s time to visit a few schools that differ in size, location and overall atmosphere.  


Visit Different Schools in South Atlanta  

There are so many types of schools your child could attend in the future. This makes touring schools more difficult if you are unfamiliar with the variety of programs offered at different schools. You could visit public schools, charter schools or even magnet programs. Narrowing down a few types of schools you would like to visit can make this process go more smoothly. Our South Atlanta long-distance movers recommend keeping an open mind because you may visit a school you would’ve never even thought about!


Here are a few things to think about as you tour your child’s potential school:

• What afterschool activities do they offer?

• How intense is the curriculum?   

• Does the school have a good reputation in the community?  

• Does the school have any behavior policies? Strict dress code or uniform? Absence policies?  

• What are the safety precautions implemented at school?


It’s Time to Ponder the Positives and Negatives—Make your Final Decision

The time has come to make your final decision once you’ve weighed the positives and negatives of each school. Select your top three schools that meet your criteria and apply to all of them to ensure they have enough time to review the application. Submit your paperwork on time, even before deadlines, to make sure you complete the enrollment process before their first day of school. Once the schools have responded, you can make the final decision and your child is almost ready to start their new school! That’s it! The process of choosing the best school in South Atlanta for your children is over. Our professionals wish you and your children the best of luck on this journey. Your children are the future—they are now one step closer to reaching their potential and surpassing it!