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How to Prepare for An Unexpected Move

Being told anything last minute is never enjoyable. Naturally, we all like having time to prepare for things so that we can put together a plan and be in control. It’s not ideal, but it happens; in a moment’s notice we have to pack our lives up and move to a new home or city. How do you make an already stressful time less stressful? Our South Atlanta Movers offer packing services for moments just like these! We understand that moving is stressful, and we want to help make the process smooth and stress-less for our clients.

6 Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Make the moving process easier on yourself with these tips from South Atlanta local movers. Moving in a hurry is inconvenient, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be stressful. Also, moving in a hurry doesn’t mean that you can’t still make a small plan of some sorts. If you’re not planning to make a move just yet, these tips on how to prepare for an unexpected move will even come in handy even for a planned move.

  1. Logistics: Make a plan. Though you weren’t planning for this move before, it’s time to start doing so now. Don’t become overwhelmed with the intricacies of moving. Make the best plan of action that you can for your move and stick with it. Think about where you’re moving to and how you’re going to get there. Then, make the necessary calls and arrangements.
  2. Donate: This unplanned move will spring a lot more into action than you thought, like spring cleaning. Now is the time to quickly go through all the things you’ve collected but are no longer using and get rid of them. Donating items is always a great idea; so is having a yard sale or a moving sale (if you have the time).
  3. Grab the essentials: Though you’re packing and moving in a hurry, be sure not to pack the things that you’re going to need while transitioning in between places. Leave out a travel bag that can hold the important items you’ll need in between your move.
  4. Pack: If you are really in a bind and just can’t pack everything on your own, don’t worry. Call us and we will send our team out to assist you with packing. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers the best South Atlanta packing supplies and services.
  5. Sort everything later: The most important part about moving in a hurry is that you don’t stop to obsess over little details; there is simply no time. Try to get everything packed as best you can and out of your current home. When you get where you’re going is when you can sort through items you don’t need. Whatever you don’t need or can’t pack can always be put in storage until you’re ready to get back to it.
  6. Let the movers move you: Don’t worry about the heavy lifting, that’s what you hired us for! Take care of everything else and we will take care of your belongings as if they were our own.

Contact All My Sons Moving & Storage and let us help you with your packing and storing needs. Not only are we trained professional movers, but we can tell you how to prepare for an unexpected move and make sure all of your belongs are moved safely.