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Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

Holiday Season Moving Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’d like for this time of the year to stay wonderful while moving to Raleigh, there are some things you may have to consider while relocating during this busy time of the year. As the holiday season is fast approaching, your to-do list may be overflowing, and this can interfere with your move. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Raleigh, we’re here to make your move to Raleigh easy, no matter the time of year. We’ve helped by narrowing down some things to keep in mind as you move to Raleigh.

Moving During the Holidays Is All About Timing

As the holidays are nearly upon us, many people are planning holiday events, when to go out shopping for holiday deals, and so much more. If you’re doing a DIY move, consider the holiday traffic as a result. Those traveling into town to visit family and last-minute shoppers will be sure to hold you up in traffic as you move.

If you’re choosing our full-service movers, book us in advance, as other folks may be planning on moving during the holiday season as well.

Make some Donations Before Moving to Raleigh

This is also the season of giving, so kill two birds with one stone by donating clothes, toys, etc. you and your family don’t care for anymore. You’ll be making your moving load lighter on yourself while also giving back. Charities like The Salvation Army and Goodwill will be more than happy to accept any of your unwanted belongings. Also, note that the holiday season is the end of the tax year. Keeping your donation receipts can help put money in your pockets, especially after a move.

Check the Weather

If you’re relocating in a cold climate that is prone to icy roads or blizzards, make sure to schedule your move to avoid such hazards. Moving is certainly not worth the risk if you plan on driving under these dangerous conditions. Stay warm with appropriate boots, hats, and gloves. For extra precaution, make sure to keep your shovel handy and snow salt already sprinkled on the ground. As for your belongings, pack them in waterproof plastic bins to avoid moisture from rain or snow.

Moving during the holidays can be quite hectic, especially when you and your family may have made holiday plans prior to relocating. With years of expertise, our trusted and licensed movers are sure to deliver a five-star service for your moving needs. When our Raleigh movers are your first choice in relocation services, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday season stress-free. Call us today for your free, no obligation moving quote!