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Renting From Family

It's not always easy living with family but when you're in a bind, renting from a family member can have its advantages. Of course the moment things get a little rocky, you'll ask yourself why you came back. Renting involves money and you're going to have to pay up. Renting from a family member doesn't have to be a pain. If you're thinking of renting from a family member, the Raleigh movers suggests to follow the steps below.

Responsibility. It's very easy to let yourself go when you're renting from a family member. You may think it's not that big deal if you miss a payment or if you trash the place a little. Like any landlord/tenant relationship, you need to act in a mature way.

Boundaries. This is very important. If you're renting a room in a family member's house, make sure to know what the boundaries are regarding the common spaces in the home. For instance, if you decide to watch movies late at night, make sure it's ok with the other members of the house. Also if you're renting in a duplex that belongs to a family member, find out what the rules are regarding inviting friends for summer fiestas. You need to set some boundaries and stick to them by doing so it will make both your lives much simpler.

Rent money. Agree upon the amount. You can search similar rental units on the Internet and through that maybe get a family discount of 5-10%. When it comes to money, it's important not to take this lightly even if the landlord is your family. Once the amount is agreed upon, make sure to always pay on time. If you both decided to work out some other payment plans make sure to respect them.

Pity. Don't expect pity from your landlord if you can't pay. If you're unable to pay your rent, then you need to find some other arrangements. Don't take advantage because it's family.

Rules. By following the rules that were set, renting from a family member can be a pleasure.

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