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Let the Pros Help You Move

Whether you are moving two miles down the road or 30 miles across town, you and your family can benefit from hiring professional people to do some of the heavy lifting—literally and figuratively—for you. There is a huge amount of work to be done during a move and sharing the load can reduce your stress through the process and allow you to enjoy your new home so much more.

Packing and moving

There really is no substitute for hiring the best professional Raleigh movers to help you with your next move. You can choose help to load and unload the moving van only or treat yourself to assistance with all of the packing. You will still have to sort through your belongings to identify what items you will keep and what you may sell or donate, but once you know what is going with you, you can free yourself from all of the hassle and time involved in packing. Experienced movers not only save you time but they provide the highest quality packing as they have the right equipment and supplies to protect your home’s contents. From large furniture items to the smallest knick-knacks, good movers will wrap, pack and move your treasures with care and confidence.


When you are moving, you will want to ensure the home that you are leaving is left in good order. You could choose to spend an entire day or two cleaning it from top to bottom or you could hire out a professional cleaning service.  Experienced cleaners will offer a “move-out” service, knowing that the level of cleaning needs to be exceptionally high. The ability to provide a cleaning fit for the white-glove test will be made easier by the fact that they will come in after all of your items are gone so that there are no objects that have to be worked around. Many cleaning companies also offer carpet cleaning and window cleaning services as well and if you book all of these together, you can often secure a good discount.


Whether electrical, plumbing or general in nature, you will no doubt need to make some repairs to either the home you are leaving or the home you are moving into. No matter how handy you or your spouse may be, consider your time investment before you do it yourself. You have a job, perhaps even a family that still needs your time and attention, likely more than a little repair job does. For items involving electrical or plumbing, keep in mind any potential codes that need to be met or even inspections. These are always good reasons to hire professionals.

Moving is no small undertaking and can be all-consuming if you do not allow yourself to get some help. Sometimes, people are hesitant to get help because they do not know who to hire for a specific job. You may consider asking your realtor for referrals. Remember that your realtor is in the moving business, essentially, and faces such needs everyday with other clients. Leveraging his or her expertise can give you peace of mind that you are hiring the best Raleigh movers, cleaners or repair personnel possible.