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There’s More to Moving Than Meets the Eye

Moving entails a wide variety of work and preparations on the client’s part as well as work on the movers’ part. There are several tasks that are pretty obvious for both groups of people like sorting through things, packing and hiring professional movers for one and being careful with personal belongings and on-time delivery with the other. However there are many extra guidelines and precautions reputable movers both follow as well as take. Professional moving crews who are experienced like the local Raleigh movers really make a difference during a residential or commercial move, knowing when to inquire further and ask the right questions.

There are things like street-cleaning regulations movers have to be aware of, parking and unloading guidelines as well as narrow doorways, low ceilings and even rules about using the elevator. Some condo associations allow the service elevator to be used only on certain days during certain hours. Some don’t allow moves on the weekend so as to not disturb the residents which can be a great thing once you’re a resident but can be annoying when you’re stressed for time. A professional moving company like All My Sons of Raleigh takes into consideration all of the procedures and knows to inform itself when needed.

Bedbugs have been in the news lately and this affects the moving industry as well. If you’re working with any type of mover, they might not take precautions to make sure its moving trucks are harboring any of these insects, possibly damaging your property and furthermore delivering a dose of insects along with your items. One good tip is to cover your mattresses and box springs with plastic before its being transferred onto the moving truck.

Professional movers have all the licensing required to move about the state or even outside their state. So you can ask for their registration status, their insurance coverage and even ask for references if you’d like. There are many unprofessional movers out there, so make sure you deal with reputable moving crews like the local Raleigh movers.

All My Sons of Raleigh is not only experienced, it’s also backed by four long generations of movers and has a reputation to keep among its huge network of movers in the U.S. in places like Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City and Birmingham. The Raleigh moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your delicate furniture and help you with assembling your furniture so you don’t have to worry about a thing!