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Home Pocket Listing

A pocket listing occurs when a homeowner lets a real estate agent know that they would consider selling their home if the price is right. The home is not up for sale publicly though. There are no MLS listings, no open houses, no advertising on line, just word of mouth marketing between realtors and their clients. It’s a home sale that’s kept secret.

Some homeowners also use this pocket listing tactic to kind of feel or test the market. They let the word of mouth advertising do the work for about two or three months and see what happens. Some homeowners don’t want their neighbors, colleagues or anybody else know that they’re selling their home. They feel as if they have an image to protect and letting everyone know they’re selling their house might jeopardize that image. People might assume they can’t pay their mortgage or they’re having difficulty at work and so on. So everything is kept on the down low.

If a real estate agent is well connected and knows his business well, a pocket listing might be a good idea, especially in the high-end real estate market. For mid-market range, it’s better to sell the traditional way, with all the bells and whistles included. From online advertising, to MLS listings, virtual tours of your home, pictures and a good old “For Sale” sign.

Realtors don’t like the pocket listings. If it sells too quickly or to the first potential buyer who sees it, the homeowner feels that the price was too low. Also, realtors feel that if sellers want to put their property on the market without a listing that maybe they’re aren’t too serious about selling their home.

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