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A Breakdown of Common Moving Costs

Moves are big. They require time, hard work, and patience. It’s ideal to take the necessary steps to save money during your moving process, but costs can add up fast. The professional moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage will provide you with a free moving quote. However, there are many additional expenses associated with moving that everyone should be aware of. Our Raleigh movers want to share some moving costs you may not know about.

What Determines the Average Cost of Moving?

Moving costs are determined by a series of factors and our local movers in Raleigh have broken them down for you, to help you make the best decision when it comes to planning your move.

The Time of Year

Moving costs fluctuate depending on the season. Since most people move during the summer months, prices are higher. If you want to save money, consider moving during winter or spring.

How Much You Are Moving

This is a big factor in moving costs. Most companies will charge you by the weight of your items. Others may charge by the number of boxes you have. Be sure to ask this question to your preferred moving service before booking.

The Distance of Your Move

Naturally, a long-distance move is more expensive than a short distance move. Moving companies have varying definitions of long-distance and short-haul moves, so be sure to address the anticipated travel mileage with your moving specialist.

The following are common moving costs that people tend to forget about:

Fuel Charge

A fuel charge is a charge associated with the cost of fuel required to operate the moving trucks transporting your possessions. All My Sons Moving & Storage will include this in your quote, so you won’t see any surprises from us.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

If for some reason you ask your movers to make an extra stop to pick up more of your things, it could result in added moving costs. The Chapel Hill movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest combining all your items before calling your moving company.

If your movers have to go up and down stairs or elevators, it could make the moving process longer and a little more difficult, so you could see an extra moving cost on your bill for the hassle and time.

Third-Party Charges 

These occur when you need your movers to handle specialty items like antiques that would require a third party for assistance.

Additional Moving Costs You May Incur

Once your movers have your items, there are further moving costs you may incur. These costs are not all necessarily directly related to movers, but rather the process of moving as a whole.

– Moving services and gratuities

– Moving insurance

– Packing supplies

– Storage unit rentals

– Airfare

– Hotel

– Food, drinks, snacks, and gas required to travel to your new location

If you are moving to an apartment, our residential movers in Raleigh remind you to consider these additional moving costs:

– Application fees

– Security deposit

– First and last month’s rent

– Pet fees