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Tips for Packing Technology Items When Moving

Tips for Packing Technology Items When Moving

Today, we are living in the age of technology. Nowadays, most people have a number of different electronics to pack when moving. From computers, tablets, flat screen televisions, high-tech stereo systems and video game consoles, you want to make sure you are packing everything safely and correctly. Electronics require a lot of care and attention when packing, so All My Sons Moving & Storage has the tips for packing technology when moving.

Read the Manual

Most electronics manuals have instructions or offer advice on how to take care when packing and storing electronics.

Back Everything Up

Before you even start packing your computers and tablets, make sure everything is backed up. The last thing you want during your move is to lose any important files or pictures. Make this the first thing you do to ensure your files are safe if any mishaps or damages do occur during your move. 

Save Original Boxes

If you can, save original boxes. You can always find other packing products to pack your electronics, but you will not find anything that fits as good as the original packaging.

Correct Packing Products

If you do not have access to the original packaging anymore, start by purchasing the correct packing products. You will need boxes in a variety of sizes, protective packing material and packing tape. Pittsburgh movers can supply you with the best packing products.

Organize Cords and Remotes

After disassembling all of your electronics, you will definitely have a lot of cords. The best way to match the cord to the electronic device is using different colored tape or stickers. It will be so easy to match the cord to the device and it will save you the hassle when you have to reassemble everything in your new house.

Keep Temperature in Mind

Electronics are not able to withstand extreme heat, so make sure to check the instructions manual. Televisions, computers and ink cartridges are sensitive to extreme heat. You should also check the temperature of the storage unit, if you are storing your belongings.

Extra Protection

When you are actually packing the electronics, wrap them protective packing products and then fill the extra space with blankets and towels. If you do not want to purchase protective packing materials, you can just wrap your electronics in the blankets and towels.

Label Everything

Label all of your boxes that contain electronics! You want to avoid having any mishaps as much as possible. Writing “Fragile” and/or “This Side Up” will save you a lot of money and hassle!

Make an Inventory List

An inventory list is just a list of all the contents in each box, so that way you will know what is in each box before you open and start unpacking. 

In order to make moving with technology easier, you could invest in packing services in Pittsburgh. Local moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage can not only load all of your moving boxes and transport them for you, we can also pack everything you have, making moving with technology simple.